TerraGreen – Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Platform

Terra Green – Good day, dear friends! After a short break, I would like to talk about our ecology with you, as well as about the recycling of waste. Agree, so the population of the planet every year becomes more and more, then respectively, and waste to become an order more, but as you know, the problem with their destruction and to this day is relevant.

Yes, some of the waste is recycled, and most of it remains to rot and secrete harmful substances into nature, thus killing all living things. It is not good, and besides, the same water which these wastes pollute, we will use. So why do you tolerate it? We need to take serious measures that could solve this problem and raise the ecology of our planet to a new level, cleaner and safer. So I’m presenting you a project called Terra Green. We’ll talk about that now.

Terra Green is a project that deals with the real recycling of useful fuels that could benefit humankind. Also, this will increase the amount of waste recycling and reduce environmental pollution. To implement this task, the developers of the platform intend to use all the freshest and modern in the field of waste processing.

Also, the team plans to implement the processing in useful fuels such as gas, Terra Green which will enable the stable operation of sites to generate electricity and heat, these are engaged in modern heat electro central. Also, during the recycling of debris will be realized the production of various chemicals that will be sent to the chemical industry for the production of various useful products. By this, it is planned to implement a re-issue of paper products, which in the modern world is very valuable, because the cutting of trees is also huge damage to the environment.

Very interesting is the fact that the company is going to apply modern technologies for the implementation of heat and electricity, as well as other products that are planned for release. One such technology would be a blockchain with which smart contracts would be applied together. That is how it will look. Imagine that the contracts which you concluded earlier, will conclude at the expense of application of a smart contract in which all conditions of parties will be spelled out. And if at least one party does not fully fulfill its conditions, it will be imposed sanctions. Also, the project will apply to pay for goods and services its own cryptocurrency, which will be much more stable than the rest by tying to the price of electrical energy.
Now a few words about the sale of these tokens from the Terra Green project :
The token will be called: TGN.
For sale, It is planned to release: 108 000 000 tokens TGN.
Sales are scheduled to be held before May 2, 2019.
The price per token unit will be between $0.1 and $0.2 depending on the sales stage.
The minimum target of sales is 5 000 000 $.
The maximum goal will be 11 000 000 $.

Website : https://terragreen.io
Whitepaper : https://terragreen.io/#greenpaper
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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tgncoin
Twitter : https://twitter.com/TERAGRE01964783
Telegram : https://t.me/terragreencoin

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