Ternion – Bridging the Gap Between Traditional And Decentralized Finances

Ternion is a licensed digital exchange platform integrated with the Fiat Gateway and trading services. It seeks to increase the availability of the Kriptovaljutnogo market by connecting modern financial services to decentralized financial systems, which facilitates and promotes innovation in crypto financing in addition, Ternion aims to promote Innovation in crypto financial by developing cryptocurrency, which has real support for profitable business and does not depend on speculation, but on natural market forces.

On the platform there is a community ternion, which seeks to solve some of the problems faced today market cryptocurrency systems, for example, the lack of confidence on the part of ICO in the reliability of their digital assets, Kriptoobmenah having more Low standards compared to established traditional brokerage companies, and difficulties in the implementation of Kriptoterminy as a method of payment.

Ternion Ecosystem
The Ternion ecosystem is composed of three components that work together and support Ternion (TRN) as a useful platform currency.

Exchange Ternion is an adjustable, affordable and efficient exchange platform that allows users to convert crypto-encryption, Fiat to cryptography and cryptography. The main purpose of the exchange is to offer Kriptotrejderov with a comprehensive solution.

Ternion Payment Processor
The payment processor facilitates payments between vendors and their customers. Users will receive a debit card that they can use to make payments. Suppliers can then choose to receive processed payments in Fiat or Kriptovydelenija mode.

Ternion Liquidity Fund
This is the core of the other two components. This ensures that the TRN token inflation will not take place and will not save the accumulated funds to develop the Ternion platform.

Ternion token
TRN is an ERC20-compliant token that serves as a token utility on the platform to pay for Exchange commissions or to enumerate tokens on the ternion exchange. In addition, tokens provide compatibility with all ERC20-compliant tokens that benefit all users of the ternion ecosystem.

Why invest in ternion?
The platform is available through a mobile application and Web application, making it convenient not only for institutional players but also for any of the retail investors. Ternion will conduct an annual audit of the transactions and functioning of the platform to ensure transparency and reliability informing the public about any future promotion. The exchange of ternion has a European trade license and complies with all established European regulations regarding the onboard transmission for a quick inspection. The platform has a full customer support service, which even contains top management that will help customers when they have any problems or questions related to ternion.

ICO ternion parameter (TRN token)
Tokens: TRN
Token protocol: ERC20
Shared token: 95 000 000 TRN
Token delivery in pre-sale: 22 500 000 TRN
Token submission during ICO: 53 500 000 TRN
Pre-sale Date: Active until June 28, 2018
Date of ICO:
Round A 29 June 29 August exchange rate: 1 TRN 0.65 USD
Round B 30 August 30 October, exchange rate: 1 TRN 2.10 USD
Round C 1 November 30 December, exchange rate: 1 TRN 3.23 USD

Soft cap: 5,000,000
Hard cap : 65,000,000

Website: https://ternion.io
Whitepaper : https://ternion.io/TernionWhitepaper_en.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4623236
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ternionofficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ternionofficial
Telegram: https://t.me/TernionOfficial

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