TenXcoin – It is a crypto created for real use in the new financial system, which will contribute to the growth and development of this market and become an equal participant in Tenkhcoin understands all the challenges that face cryptocurrency, claiming global implementation and acquiring real value, knows how to develop in order to become one of the main catalysts for the beginning of the new digital age.

Built on blockchain technology, DAPPS applications will be used to build a new, digital economy, both inside and outside of applications. The second important pillar of Tenxcoin will be, logically, users who can easily become part of the new economic system. TXC tokens can be earned simply by performing the necessary and useful actions for the community. Since Tenxcoin builds its system to ensure the real value of the token, thanks to the support of its community. This means that you will be able to earn new tokens without any hassle. By taking part in surveys, performing small actions that are useful for the entire tenxcoin system, by trying and evaluating new products, users will receive TXC tokens.

Tenxcoin was created together with ten companies, which aim to participate in this developing economic system and promote its growth by adding new cryptocurrency to the market.

The soul of every blockchain project is a community, and one of the greatest ways to help the community is to enable them to communicate and use the token. The Tenxcoin team will finance the creation of DAPPS applications and bots for a variety of chat services that allow people to easily share their TXC with the rest of the world. Facilitating the free flow of TXC, the company will be able to increase utility, simultaneously attracting and expanding the community.

This may include answering questions, creating thematic content. Millions of tenxcoin players from almost every country in the world will receive rewards every day with a reward application system. Use the application to take on a lot of microtasks.

Building a decentralized system is a complex process and the transition to it must be carried out in a balanced and responsible manner over time. By identifying with tenxcoin and conveying a sense of association with the community, the identity and currency of Tenxcoin are created specifically to unite people into a new common economy.

Tenxcoin creates an opportunity for a new currency by integrating TXC into its own applications. In the future, all users will be able to earn TenXcoin by providing value to other members of the digital community through mentoring, content creation and commerce. Users will be able to spend TXC on products, services and other valuable assets offered by sellers, developers, influential individuals, and other contributors. TXC will be at the center of the new digital economy within Tenxcoin Apps, stimulating demand and fundamental value for the cryptocurrency. Its total cost will allow launching the mechanism of economic stimulation, TXC Rewards Engine, for further development of the ecosystem.

The Tenxcoin rewards mechanism will use economic incentives to introduce other digital services and applications into the decentralized tenxcoin system. Inspired by previous systems such as Bitcoin’s block rewards and steemit postage rewards, the reward mechanism will create natural incentives for digital service providers to take TXC and become partners in the system. The system will not impose any unnecessary restrictions or duties on monetization strategies other than ensuring the overall ethics and legality of the content and transactions. As more partners join, the network effect of the Tenxcoin system will increase, increasing the value of the currency and, in turn, encouraging new partners to join the system.

TXC tokens will be implemented in the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. Currently, blockchain Ethereum is the industry standard for the release of custom digital assets and intellectual contracts. The ERC20 token interface allows you to deploy a standard token that is compatible with the existing Ethereum system infrastructure, such as development tools, wallets, and exchanges. The ability of Ethereum to deploy robust intelligent contracts with a complete set of Turing allows for the application of complex rules for the issuance of cryptocurrency, digital financial contracts, and automated incentive structures. These advanced functions and active system make Ethereum natural for TXC.

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