Swiss Brog The New Era Of Crypto Wealth Management

SWISSBORG is a decentralized platform moves in the industry cryptocurrencie with the aim of facilitating and giving full control over the wealth of crypto manage either in the form of coins or any number of digital currencies such as ETH and BTC and others. With greater commercial value and as a safe place for your  process or transaction that you made to the Wireshark platform or platform to another. SwissBorg revolutionized the wealth management services with the community-centric approach supported by blockchain technologies. SwissBorg is a platform of DAO wealthtech made in Switzerland which is decentralized to the entire world over increase users or investor looking for a solution to create a whole his wealth in the form of crypto to a trusted platform in this is one recommendation is SWISSBORG.

The Blockchain Era of Swiss Wealth Management

Blockchain platform which supports the process of trade and investment to potential investors who would like to join or have joined in the trains, some platform blockchain this trade gave a positive rating to a process buy crypto listed officially by the trains. Token or coin that is traded has a role in the process, a commercial value of sales results and economic value in terms of income make many new platforms should be looking for unique ideas to develop the platform in industry blockchain. SwissBorg has a vision where you could imagine a new paradigm that technology offers the best investment for everyone with no limits or restrictions. Whether you are an individual, a financial expert or DAO, SwissBorg is democratic ecosystem where you can manage the portfolio of assets of the crypto and you have full control rights.

According to the body of research and industrial research in these areas will experience increased 80% in the coming years given the increased fluctuation of investors and traders that increasingly more and more, not only is it a factor of commercial value property worth traded widely to society globally and digital assets that provide convenience in the transaction. With a value of investments that have considerable commercial value in the market and trading blockchain crypto makes the market platform is Swissborg rekomedasi and the important points could serve as consideration for build a mutually beneficial business between seller and buyer or investor itself. Below is one of the details of the information provided by the detal swissborg to pengunannya candidates who want to registered on the platform about the performance and the details of the income that you can have a joint platform in the new era financial SWISSBORG the world.

The wealth management industry is not supposed to look like in the age of digitization. On the one hand, there is an urgent need for an approach based on a society in which wealth management ecosystem becomes more transparent and accessible to everyone. On the other hand, the power of disruptive blockchain keep underestimated by most financial principals despite exponential growth in the community occurred. In addition, crypto remains classified as an asset class and few, if any, customized investment solutions or professional financial advisor that is available to holders of crypto. In short, the financial industry desperately needs to reinvent itself and embrace the values blockchain.

SwissBorg wealth management platform is managed by the decentralized teams that have experience of 90 years of private banking to the street wall. We believe strongly in the values-centered society, where individuals, institutions and DAO will benefit from the investment platform for a democratic, transparent and trustworthy. Thanks to our extensive experience in the management of the Fund’s hedging, algorithmic trading/quantitative, our investment team will actively manage Your crypto wealth with the best technology (blockchain & AI).

  • SWISS-MADE -we are proud to bring the value of Switzerland such as reliability, precision and thinking ahead.
  • The CONTRACT SMART -Smart Mandates based on a set of intelligent multi-contract signature provides the ideal framework for a customized investment strategy.
  • MERITOCRACY -All holders of CHSB token will have the opportunity to participate in the development of a network of SwissBorg through the concept of “evidence of meritocracy”. Our community will be rewarded by selecting projects the most promising of the platform SwissBorg.
  • SERVICE ASSURANCE CRYPTO -every person is unique and must have a solution tailor-made to suit its requirements in terms of risk, the target rate of return, financing and other services.
  • ALPHA INVESTMENT STRATEGIES & AI -our investment Team offers 90 + years of professional experience of the well-known investment firm. High-profile merchants we have a lot of brainstorming with our block to build the future of the new investment. As we continue to grow and develop, we push the limits even further by encouraging research in fields such as AI and Swarm Intelligence

Ecosystem SwissBorg
Our wealth management platform consists of a set of features that are meant for empowering communities:
We aim to be regulated in some countries.
We will provide the technology and wealth management B2B and B2C crypto.
By positioning itself as a bridge between the chain chain off & the world, our primary goal is to offer the appropriate investment solutions with both. We have strategic partners and advisors who are actively involved in the management of investments that help us develop networks and more efficient.

CHSB Token
With the promulgation of a network token SwissBorg (‘ CHSB ‘), we’re proud to announce the launch of the wealth management platform future of crypto, 100% aligned with the interests of all users.

The Function Of The Token CHSB
CHSB (SwissBorg Network Token) is the token of the multi-utility used to participate in the network SwissBorg. This is its main benefits:
All holders of CHSB token will have the opportunity to participate in the development of a network of SwissBorg through the concept of “evidence of meritocracy”. Our community will be rewarded with a vote on the most promising projects that provide real value to the SwissBorg platform.

Core features of CHSB Token gives the holder the ability to choose the direction in which the network will be developed. CHSB token is used to generate the token, called the referendum “RSB token”. For each decision, RSB token used by the holder to make a decision about the proposed referendum. The power of the ballot will be calculated based on the number of users token CHSB who was imprisoned at the time of the announcement of the referendum and will not be charged any token CHSB to choose.

Award types depending on the Referendum. Token ETH, or CHSB ERC-20 can be offered during the Referendum.
Inspired by the philosophy of an open protocol, SwissBorg utilizes a new type of open Protocol utility: “evidence of kindness” to revolutionize the wealth management industry

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Sales Schedule Token December 7, 2017-10 January 2018
Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Fiat
The Price Of A Token 1 CHSB = $0.1
Bonus –
The Total Supply Of Token 1 billion CHSB

The Blockchain Era of Swiss Wealth Management

Cyrus Fazel-CEO-Founder
Anthony Lesoismier-CSO-Co-founder
Christophe Diserens-COO
Maxime Gillot-CIO
Marco Guerreiro-Head of Quantitative Strategies
Micha Roon-Smart Contract Expert
Olga Vorobyeva-Head of Marketing and PR
Tomas Hanak-IT Operations
Deni Dudaev-Business Development Manager
Mai Kiguchi-Blockchain advisor
Ken Yagami-Head of Japan
Jeremy Baumann-Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management,
Daniel De Sousa-Business Development Manager
Kunio Okuda-ICO Analyst
Emmanuel Berdugo-Head of Support

Henri Haeni-CEO Of Abilene Advisors
Dhanesh Kothari-IT Senior Programme Manager
Samuel Johnson-CTO SmartLink SA
Daniel Gasteiger-Co-founder of procivis AG
Miko Matsumura-Evercoin
Alexander Fazel-Co-founder of Chamelens Japan
Enrico Ferro-ISMB
David Drake-Investors
Ismail Malik-ICO Crowd
Tony Evans-the Global Fintech consultants

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