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SWISS ALPS The blockchain community around the world is faced with such a problem as a very intensive process of cryptocurrency production and the appearance of a large number of business applications based on blockchain technology. At the same time, thousands of unused buildings in the Swiss Alps are being destroyed because of today’s spatial planning laws, which do not allow these buildings to be used for domestic purposes.
The Swiss Alps Mining & Energy campaign combines these two challenges and offers clean production services in unused buildings in the Swiss Alps, working only on renewable energy sources.

The main task of the company
As the developers themselves say Swiss Alps Energy AG is the first company with a revolutionary solution, which saves up to 50% of its own energy costs, using SAM cubes for mining, Working exclusively through renewable energy sources and extracting the exhausted heat from the mining equipment. This identifying a great solution to the global problem facing the industry.

SAM cubes
SAM cubes are containers equipped with equipment and cooling system, which are self-sufficient and operate in an autonomous mode. They are located at high altitude, where the lower boiling point of water, which significantly increases the efficiency of energy extraction. This makes mining more profitable, protects the cultural heritage of Switzerland and saves energy. Each SAM Cube container interacts with the central control system, which in turn controls the containers and determines the optimal parameters for each of them to maximize the mining process to achieve maximum profit.

Sam Power Plants
Sam power plants are a kind of plant that provides Sam cubes mining containers with stable and cost-effective power. The produced electric power is delivered directly in containers or rented for mining area. Due to the problems of cooling and noise emissions from mining, the demand for suitable premises and electricity is very high. SAM can rent both premises and electricity for their competitors.

SAM ORC Energy Recovery
Swiss Alps Mining & Energy is the only company in the world that uses the ORC system to recover the electricity from the waste heat allocated by mining equipment. Placing of mining installations in the territory of the Swiss Alps has преbмущество that at these heights water has a lower boiling point, which leads to a much more efficient allocation of electricity from the heat. Since Majningovoe equipment does not require additional cooling and air conditioning systems, the use of energy by SAM cubes can be reduced by 50% compared to conventional mining systems. With this unique approach, SAM solves a global problem in the Majniga.

ICO Details
In May 2018, the Swiss Alps Energy AG will conduct the initial placement of the ICO coins funds raised during the ICO would be used to finance the development and expansion of mining facilities and the acquisition of holdings at hydroelectric power stations.
SAE will fund the further development of its business operations and marketing activities to promote the platform by selling the SAM tokens that can be purchased for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum ETH, and fine currency during a Closed sale.
The total number of Sam Tokens is 311,011,901 (100%), which will be placed on the Blokchejne Ethereum using a smart contract. The SAM token will conform to the ERC20 standard and will be free to move on the Ethereum platform.
The SAM platform will also have its own Sam Wallet, which is fully compatible with existing token exchanges and allows for easy withdrawal and purchase of tokens. SAM token owners will also be able to use any purse that supports ERC20 smart contracts.

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