SWISS ALPS MINING – The Smart Mining Company

SWISS ALPS MINING – The Swiss team Alps Energy produces fossils and is struggling for eco-friendly, and that’s what they offer:
Communities around the world are experiencing problems with the extraction of cryptographic currencies, and business applications based on the chain of blocks! The Swiss Alps Energy AG provides decentralized infrastructure on blockchain and mining, renewable energy!

Using their technology, energy consumption decreased by 50%. I mean bad energy. They launched the ICO for what would use to finance, develop and expand the mining industry and purchase holdings on hydroelectric power Plants. Token Sam will be used as a payment tool, as well as will bargain on all decentralized exchanges! For mining, They use a modular cube system, it allows you to environmentally and rationally use and extract minerals!

The Swiss Alps Energy AG is the World’s first company that uses the system of Orcs to extract energy from the waste heat from the mountain Facilities. Therefore SAE offers an effective solution to the global mining industry Problem.
Cubes are located at high altitude, which facilitates the process of energy recovery, as the height decreases the boiling point of water. The system of Orcs uses the waste heat generated by the extraction process in order to restore energy as the height decreases
The boiling point of Water. No additional air conditioning systems are Needed. The Swiss Alps Energy AG is the World’s first company that uses the system of Orcs to extract energy from the waste heat from the mountain Facilities. Decentralized distribution of different objects allows SAE to offer equally decentralized hosting an individual company blockchain and allows
SAE to rent this infrastructure!

I think you already guess what the chip these guys are?
of course, They get a lot of environmentally friendly neurologic and with its help will be the main crypto and develop the hosting companies for mining! It’s just a superb solution! And most importantly, do not to the detriment! So consumption miner, especially when their thousands, is a tremendous damage! Both in the money plan on energy consumption and the destructive planet damage!
Distribution Token
62.83% Home Selling Tokens
12.17% token pre-sales
10% Group of Founders and partners
8% Previous Angle marker, expert advisors
2% Bounty Campaign
5% of future depositors

A total of 119 841 269 13 SAM Tokens (100%), will be issued on Ethereum chains using a smart Contract.
SAM will conform to the standard ERK20 and will be freely transferred to the platform Ethereum. These
Tokens will be the only Sam ever Issued.
From this general number:
• 14 583 333 SAM (12.17%), already sold in the Tokmak Pre-sale. SAE raised
$5 000 000 in this first round of funding. The following sales Tokenov will be made much higher
Price. Sold
• 75 296 269 SAM (62.83%) will be reserved for the sale of main tokens and for future sales and activities Tokenov
(see below).
• 11 984 127 SAM (10%) will be reserved for founding teams and partners, including 70% of the
You can trade for one year.
• 9 587 302 SAM (8%), will be reserved for early angel markers holders and councilors, of which 60% will not be
Be traded for 3 Years.
• 2 396 825 SAM (2%) was used for the first bass CAMPAIGN.
• 5 992 063 SAM (5%) will be reserved for future Savers.
• (2.4 million out of this 5% will be used for the second campaign of Bounty)
75 296 296 Sam will be reserved for Chief ICO.

the guys are really a very powerful team, have all the resources for what would succeed! And the most important thing they have already finished product! This in our time a few can boast! They have recently passed present, and they have collected the planned funds without any effort! personally, the project is more than a place to live, and they have in my opinion 80% already turned out! So do not miss the opportunity, be part of such a good team, as well as make the world a little better!

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