Swapy-Solution For Universal Access To Credit

SWAPY – According to the report Global Findex, two billion people worldwide have no access to financial services, and especially access to credit. The existing banking infrastructure is expensive and consequently, banking conglomerates usually make their services not available to the poorest populations or those living in remote areas. This is a particular problem in developing countries. The problem of access to credit can be reduced to three factors: the high cost of capital; asymmetry information; the high cost of banking infrastructure.

When compared with developed countries, less advanced countries have a ratio of low credit spreads and higher interest rates, making credit more expensive and less profitable savings. This is especially a problem in Latin America and the Caribbean. The combination of the strength of the banking markets, the adequacy of a systemic, the risk of default, lack of liquidity, exchange rate volatility, complexity of operations taxation and regulation of banking, contributed to the unfavorable scenario for consumers which in Finally get the implicit and explicit costs are high.

Solutions Offered By Swapy
Swapy Network is a decentralized protocol that aims to link the various participants in the financial industry: borrowers, lenders, insurance companies, manufacturers data, consumer data, and more. With a network of Swapy, individuals and/or companies can eat or consume services and collaborate in the ecosystem to bring down the price of financial services, while nowadays more including new entrants in the financial industry. The cost to operate on the network will incur in Swapy cryptographic Swapy toxicity (SWAPY). In this way, the holder of the token will have the right to use network access Swapy, benefit from and contribute to it, and receive tokens as a reward. This section provides an overview of Token Swapy, D’Apps proposed, and protokolnya himself.

How Network Swapy Aims To Solve The Problem Of Access To Credit?
1. Allows credits to lower the cost of capital.
2. It eliminates the asymmetry of information between participants through public data networks and up to date.
3. This provides better data so that credit companies can make decisions better lending and interest rates are lower for good clients.
4. Push the lower capital costs and better information can reduce the barrier to entry for new companies.

Products From Swapy
Swapy Exchange-Exchange Swapy connects international investors from countries where lower interest rates to credit companies in countries where interest rates were much higher, giving a rate of return that is more the first cost of capital and lower for the latter.

Swapy Financial Swapy Financial ID-ID empowers individuals, giving them the right to identity of a financial world that apply anywhere in the world anytime
Swapy Data Market-Swapy Data Market change user financial data into value for the owner of the data. Now, individuals will keep their own data and choose how many tokens that they receive as a reward for it, when they want to share, and to whom.
The Advantages Of Network Swapy
Reduce the cost of capital in developing countries
A better rate of return for lenders
Financial identity applies worldwide
The individual has rights and reap value from data of their own
Easily accessible source of data and a lower financial resources
Lower barrier to entry for companies

Token Swapy
Swapy token is token utilities and will be used to pay for indivi dual information service in the network, paying Swapy (such as credit scoring) and used as collateral when asking for a loan, as soon as this feature is available through the decentralized. the application that is being developed by Swapy team. Swapy team hope that Network Swapy achieve sustainability and promote virtue cycle surrounding the issuance of the new crypto, which promote benefits for colleagues at Network Swapy.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales April 16 – May 16, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 1 SWAPY = $0.65
The total supply of 100 million Token SWAPY

Website :https://www.swapy.network
Whitepapper : https://www.swapy.network/SwapyNetworkWhitePaper-English.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2372636.0
Twiter : https://twitter.com/SwapyNetwork
Telegram : https://www.telegram.me/SwapyNetworkChat
Joint Bounty : https://bountyhive.io/join/Swapy%20Network

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