Subbit – The World’s First Mobile Subscriptions Platform

Subbit  – The decentralized Subbit project is a platform that allows mobile subscriptions to be processed quickly. Now users will be able to buy any goods or services as much as possible, receive pleasant bonuses and discounts.
Existing issues in this segment
Centralized ground services and shops do not allow their customers to quickly carry out purchases, pay for their cryptocurrency, there is no guarantee of security, data often become the prey of fraudsters;

Loyalty is the key to the success of any business. Existing customer rebate systems are not ideal. Often this is due to different discount cards, applications that require huge time costs; The key problem is the lack of a single mechanism to form a subscription system for customers of different stores and other existing organizations. The solution offered by project developers
Subbit is the world’s first subscription market that allows consumers to pay for almost everything through a monthly subscription instead of cash or cards.

Using our Smart mobile app, users can subscribe to their favorite stores, restaurants and many other popular basic products and services. In practice Subbit simplifies the payment of any products or services, you can install payment them on a regular basis-and offers many advantages over other payment methods such as exclusive access, discounts, and rewards.

Subbit is also the most convenient alternative to paying around. You do not need to carry a cash or a card, all you need is your smartphone to use the created application, subscribe and set the payment. Many existing stores offer nice bonuses for those who want to use their services through a new decentralized application. Subbit is a leader for new and exciting consumption that gives consumers easy access to
Things they love.

Benefits for suppliers of goods and services Once registered within the platform, sellers can create their own subscription packages to attract customers and receive the necessary payments.

There are several important benefits that you need to know about your vendors:
• Customer Loyalty
• Periodic sales
• Predictable income
• Improved cash flow
Improved registers
• No cash handling

Subbit also gives these additional benefits to manufacturers:
• No need to waste time on paperwork and search for all kinds of documents
• Direct messaging in the client application
• Advertising incentives for customers. Constant actions allow attracting new buyers, guaranteeing them favorable conditions of cooperation
• Interaction of thousands of users in our market subbit.

Consumers who are going to take advantage of the app will also benefit
Once registered, users can really quickly view the subscription marketplace. Once selected, they will be able to subscribe to any package of suppliers of goods as well as services.

Using Subbit, users will instantly get the benefits of subscription, including:
• Convenience
• Best value and advance savings
• No need to take cash, which reduces the risk of losing your own money
• Access to rewards and promotions that take place regularly and allow you to get some really advantageous offers
Subbit also gives these additional benefits to users:
• Register once to get access to thousands of subscription packages
• Message provider directly through the application

• Create your own subbit, evaluate the products to take advantage of the features of the promotion “reward rating ”
• Use existing types of cryptocurrency in order to pay for all existing subscriptions, there is no need to constantly spend time to exchange through Fiat funds
• Works on blockchain technology, Subbit gives customers the simplicity of choice and safety.

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