SUBAJ Provides a Decentralized Marketplace for Different Types of Companies, Businesses

SUBAJ is a decentralized platform and marketplace where various companies, sellers, merchants and service providers can meet and benefit from mutual benefit. They can create their own special crypto tokens and offer them to customers as a reward on the blockchain-platform.

The platform will be useful to various entrepreneurs, commercial organizations, companies and service providers who can offer either SBJ tokens or their own business tokens as a reward for customer loyalty. The use of such a reward mechanism will also help entrepreneurs increase their daily sales. Own special tokens will be in the global network Subaj. Each cryptocurrency is associated with a Subaj token (SBJ) and is supported by it, creating an extensive network of interconnected coins on the blockchain platform Subaj. This means that clients can receive crypto tokens from one salesperson and use them to purchase goods or services from another, and vice versa.

Target Segments
Platform Subaj will act as a universal way of blockchain-rewards for different types of online and offline communities. Developing, it would form a huge network of online and offline mode from hotels, sports clubs, shopping malls, event management agencies, taxi services, cosmetic brands, kinofrans, chain stores and airlines, etc.

SBN is the first Multikommercheskaja platform with its own infrastructure, designed specifically to enable organizations, entrepreneurs, retailers and companies to easily produce branded cryptocurrency for a mass Consumer audience. Discount coupons will be “Tokenize”, as well as loyalty points and gift rewards, and will be distributed among customers on the Subaj platform using geo zoning technology.

A key feature of the Subaj platform (SBP) is that branded business tokens can be freely sold for SBJ tokens, a public cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Clients will be able to use the SBJ token on any exchange of the world and to exchange it for Fiat money. The ability to convert rewards and reward points into real money can be a major breakthrough among unreliable, and outdated loyalty systems. It will also allow consumers to use their disparate reward points by 100%.

Blockchain platform
SBP is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology that can be used by different types of companies, vendors, entrepreneurs and service providers at the same time and create their own crypto tokens. They can then offer these tokens to customers who use their services or buying their product as a reward for loyalty within the global Subaj network. The Subaj platform will allow any company to create its own cryptocurrency within its network. Each cryptocurrency is a Subaj token partner (SBJ) and is supported by it, creating an interconnected network.

Subaj Tokens
SBJ is a new cryptocurrency to be released on Ethereum. Any entrepreneur will be able to release their own commercial tokens, exchange them for tokens of another entrepreneur through the Exchange Platform Subaj (SXP) with the help of SBJ tokens.

Companies and entrepreneurs will be able to send tokens based on selected geolocation, demographic, and expense types of pre-defined settings. Businesses will be able to generate 5 different types of tokens.

ICO Subaj
Ticker: SBJ
1 SBJ = 0.05 USD
According to the plan, a fixed number of tokens will be created-5 billion SBJ-for successful work within the framework of the Global Network Subaj (SGN). Based on the total amount of tokens, they will be distributed as follows:

15%-Foundation Subaj
10%-Consultants and partners
13%-to buyers and entrepreneurs
12%-sale through the application Subaj
50%-Open sale of tokens

Soft Cap
Soft Cap is set at 5 million $. This is the minimum amount required for the Subaj project. If the specified amount is successfully collected during the sale of tokens, the project team will continue to move to the Hard Cap.

Hard Cap
The Hard Cap is set at $70 million. This is the purpose of fundraising, and the sale of tokens will stop when the equivalent of that amount is reached. And in case the Hard Cap is not reached, the unsold tokens will be redistributed as follows:

50% of the unsold tokens will be distributed evenly among the participants in the pre and main sales through the Subaj application. This encourages participation in the Subaj system. The application itself is scheduled to run in early 2019, which actually blocks 50% of unsold tokens before that date. The remaining 50% of tokens will be transferred back to “Subaj AG” to attract clients and entrepreneurs to the platform and promote them. This will open new directions for further strengthening of the SBJ token in case the main sale is not completed.

Among other things, working with the Subaj Charitable Foundation, you can work together to help and support the sick and needy children around the world. You can support this movement by simply acquiring the usual things, and for that, you will also receive rewards for loyalty. Thus, this project is mutually beneficial for all customers who can also be part of the changes taking place in their society. The more purchases you make, the more coupons you get. And the more you redeem the coupons, the more you help humanity.


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