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Streampay  We all know that at the present time in the sphere of delivery of goods and services very much competition. In order to stay at the height and develop in this field, you need to give customers guarantees of all processes, ranging from fast delivery to quality and payment.
Companies spend millions of dollars a year to maximize all of these processes and gain greater profits. But even with such financial investments in this sphere there remain actual problems in logistics, quality assurance and working with suppliers for more effective management,
The Streampay project includes supply chain for risk monitoring and payment tracking of goods and services. For the execution of the contract between manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and logistics companies will be responsible for smart contracts. Streampay  Customers will be able to track goods or services from raw materials to finished products thanks to QR-code.
The Streampay project will warn you about any problem that may occur in the chain of all processes. The project will carry out full control over the quality of products to meet the requirements of the customer. It also allows inspectors to issue certificates to suppliers and partners. As soon as the user becomes a part of the Streampay project, he receives a Visa debit card or MasterCard. The card allows the user to pay for purchases or services from any merchant accepting Visa or MasterCard, even outside the Streampay network.
The platform will include smart contracts in the payment instrument to guarantee and secure the user’s funds. The aim and purpose of the project are to eliminate risks when working on the platform, such as volatility and fraud.
How the process of conclusion of the contract and receipt of goods or services takes place:
1. A smart contract is drawn up between the buyer and the seller.
2. Streampay tokens (stpy) will be sent to the purse as a guarantee of payment for delivery.
3.control the goods with the help of QR-code.
4.when receiving the goods of buyers and coincidence of the QR-code, the seller receives the payment in full.
The main payment tool for the project will be the Stpy token, which will be responsible for all transactions within the project.
What does the Streampay project offer us:
1.own currency is the stpy token.
2. The absence of third parties (intermediaries).
3.ability to track products from the very first thanks to QR-code.
4. Reduces the chances of fraud and identity theft.
5. Accelerates the process of delivery of the finished product or service.
6. full transparency and security of all processes.
5. Use your own Visa or MasterCard debit card.
Streampay  Indeed, the competition in this field is very tough at the present time. Companies make different decisions for optimal work and competent solution of all problems. Introduction by developers of modern technologies and various tools gives the project perspective future.

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