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Streampay -Firms in supply chains very much. This sphere has a global character, that is why companies depend entirely on one delivery to another delivery of products and services of own clients. The majority of firms spend a huge number of dollars annually, in order to maximize supplies for providing large profits to shareholders. Firms are trying to find ways that will manage their own logistics processes, transport, stocks.
This project is considered a business model that can be used to react on time to market changes. This allows you to acquire new products and services, lower the cost of returning some products and spoiled goods, using new technologies (blockchain, ICO) and fresh goods. This project significantly reduces the delay time, that is, the time spent on the production of new products, the operation of the enterprise in the idle and so on.

In order to manage this flexible chain more effectively, firms are simply obliged to monitor their own suppliers and exchanges, which concern both internal and external data. More important data in the supplier management system will be able to solve problems much faster. In some cases, problems are solved as easily as payments are made. Streampay In any way, the active development of globalization is wider use of the local currency. Many states do not accept payments from certain banking institutions. Or they generally limit payment methods or withhold finances for days, weeks or more. The supply chain today needs a global payment solution that must be fully integrated and secure.

How does the Streampay project propose to solve problems?
Streampay is a project that monitors the risks and monitors the payments. The project uses blockchain technology and smart contracts, which makes it easier to manage suppliers and supplies of finished goods. Streampay regularly publishes special journals with articles that contain information about supplies, suppliers, shops, logistics firms. With this information, users can track products and services using a special QR code and digital signatures.

This solution allows firms to control shipments by determining whether delivery is considered dangerous. The Streampay project identifies the risks so that the user can find any problems in the chain in the dashboard. Streampay controls the quality of the finished product to meet the requirements of each customer. The project also allows inspectors to give certificates to both suppliers and partners. And most importantly, the project enables the supply side to solve problems if the products and services have not been fulfilled. The parties have the right to pay American dollars, euros or cryptocurrency. The project has a special purse that supports the local currency. Any payment of the user is under reliable protection, therefore, they do not need to realize and sell cryptocurrency in order to make payment of products.

Streampay The objective of this project is to eliminate risk, reduce volatility and fraud. In addition, the project team provides an e-sales system for each user. The person who makes the payment can use the QR code and special data to follow the components, thus improving the quality of the chain. The project manages this chain with the help of blockchain technology and then discovers the participants that slow down the process. Firms can add new shipments by themselves, speeding up the process.

Streampay is a proprietary algorithm designed to assess risk. It automatically detects the best suppliers, taking into account the business rules of the users. The risk is determined first, and only then will the system know whether the risk is considered to be minimal or very large. If the influence of out-of-the-outside influence the system, it will change management and will reduce or increase costs. Users can be alerted whether the problem is serious or not.

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