STORIQA — the market new Digital with various Function

Storiqa is a market with a wide variety of functions for effective sales in the world’s new digital economy. and also Storiqa is a project that will bring together individual entrepreneurs, small scale producers, family business and craft makers.
Storiqa allows business owners to make their own online market during the span of 10 minutes of goods to all the world, because the market has been translated into 6 languages. Storiqa has a selection of tools to direct customer feedback, accounting and sales analysis, as well as advertising and promotions, an easy to use interface. The platform offers many opportunities to entrepreneurs, small scale producers entrepreneurial, family business and handicrafts. Storiqa competitive advantage lies in the unique combination of features that are not owned by other similar service.

Cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing sector of the economy: the combined capitalization of all crypto increased has increased more than threefold since early 2016, reaching $27 billion in April 2017 [1]. It is estimated there are currently almost 6 million owners of unique crypto wallet is unique worldwide [2]. Significant growth of the sector of cryptocurrency makes its use is an important issue. If the cryptocurrency is designed to be a medium of Exchange, then what can you exchange for now? As the sector xpands, cryptocurrency began to be used in the field of real estate and other financial exchanges, and each case is important to become its own events in the community, bring us closer and closer with the widespread use of cryptocurrency

Join the STORIQA project. The project could give the profits from your investments.
What is a STORIQA?
Storiqa is a platform created for sellers and buyers around the world. Constructor with an easy to use online store, any seller can make it and use the various features of the platform, all with minimal cost. Our service
offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, self-employed small-scale producers, family business and handicraft makers – including selection tool to direct customer feedback, bookkeeping, advertising, and sales analysis promotion.

Why Buyers Need Storiqa?

  • Buy what you need from anywhere in the world
  • Any items that are available for kriptocurrency or by STQ minimal cost
  • Increased cashback when paying by token STQ
  • Finding what you need is a simple and comfortable
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Protect the interests of customers and the arbitration Storiqa
  • Safe and secure transactions with smart contracts
  • Honest reviews

Why Does The Seller Need Storiqa?

  • Start your own shop on our platform is quick and simple
  • Start selling around the world with a sizable investment
  • The eight (and counting) tools that are efficient and ready for sale, a successful and customer analysis
  • Comprehensive support from the Storiqa team
  • Items can be sold for cardiac crypto or national currency
  • Gift Storiqa and monetization Community Spotlight
  • Guaranteed inclusion of loyal customers
  • Factoring data using the platform-wide store rating
  • Loyalty programs kit

The power of Storiqa
while there are many similar shops constructor solutions are currently working, and many more have surfaced recently because of the popularity of the field, we offer our clients a full complement stores constructor series complete
and important business features full integration with many services and third-party platforms. And first and foremost, we offer to our clients blockchain-based systems
that are reliable and transparent.

Token STQ
Emitted by Storiqa, token STQ is a key element of the functionality of the platform. The seller can use the token to get all they need to operate a successful store-that is, to open up more slot items in their store and pay the service fee Storiqa. On the other hand, the buyer can use tokens to buy goods with tariffs are cost effective, thanks to the low transaction costs. In addition, the STQ is acceptable as a reward for purchasing and advertising references through CPA networks platform-wide. In short, the STQ will present around the platform, which will determine the value of the token: as Storiqa grows and new functions available, the relative value of the token will increase.

Token Name: STQ
Exchange rate start: fixed costs one token is 0.000001 ETH (ICO during the campaign) Tokens will be distributed using smart contracts. Cap height: 85,000 ET

STQ tokens will be distributed between the ICO members using the following system:

ICO Campaign
Be a member of the campaign, To become a member of our ICO campaign, you need to purchase tokens with STQ Transact ETH to address our smart contracts. We accept transactions ETH made wallets only. Please note that you should do it
Not to make transactions using the wallet is not compatible with ERC20 or cryptographic exchange account, because that could potentially cause you to lose control of the token you should get.

The launch of the ICO will end after Soft Cap threshold is reached; However, additional tokens can be purchased for one day after the Soft Cap threshold has been reached. Cap capacities: 280,000 ET Launch ICO will end soon if the threshold of the Hard Cap is reached. ICO campaign will last for 7 days.
Unfortunately the token could not be purchased from the United States.

The Bonus System ICO
The original token holder (ICO campaign members) are entitled to followed the bonus program.
The bonus day
Day pre-sale limited to foundations and great investors daily, + bonus 50%.
Day 1-ICO Campaign started, the user receives a bonus of + 30% of their token
Day 2-the user receives a bonus of + 25% of the tokens that they purchase.
Day 3-the user receives a bonus of + 20% of the tokens that they purchase.
Day 4-the user receives a bonus of + 15% of the tokens that they purchase.
Day 5-the user receives a bonus of + 10% of the tokens that they purchase.
Day 6-the user receives a bonus of + 5% of the tokens that they purchase.

You can get even more bonuses along STQ. Join the campaign bounty STQ.

The campaign that you can follow them is as follows:
Campaign article/blog with allocation by 20%
Youtube video campaign 10%
A Facebook campaign allocation by 20%
Campaign Twitter the allocation of 10%
The signature campaign is 20%
Translation and moderation campaign 10%
Campaign Artwork 10%

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