STEEL Ecosystem by SISHUB

STEEL  In the epoch of informatization, the concept of data acquires a completely different value. If a few years earlier the users were happy with how rapidly modern methods of communication penetrate into their lives, today the situation has changed a little. There is a real hunt for personal data of users. Gather absolutely any data, it is not only gender, age, hobbies, but also more intimate properties. such as behavioral factors, the history of visiting Internet resources, absolutely all requests entered in the search engines.

The collected information is accumulated in databases, carefully analyzed and in the most harmless case you will be given an obsessive targeted advertising, and even at all sell your data to the third, fifth or tenth persons. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like this state of affairs. I do not like the collection of my data without my knowledge, but also the earnings of this unknown persons.

Because of this, users in the network began to seek anonymity, but we from all sides have so laid various services and information collection systems that remain anonymous in the network is not easy for the average user.

The STEEL ecosystem is developed in the interests of users to preserve their privacy and security. STEEL is an innovative blockchain platform based on a decentralized hybrid network using TOR technology that will return control over your personal data.

Structural STEEL includes comprehensive anti-virus software operating on the blockchain, a network for secure data interchange, a crypto purse, and a very interesting product-an anonymous messenger. Within the STEEL ecosystem, you can rely on absolute anonymity, security, and confidentiality. With STEEL, you will be able to hide your identity and not be afraid for information leakage as a consequence of unauthorized intrusions.

Currently, the STEEL team gets used to the investment in the development of the project via ICO. You can participate in the development of this platform rewards your funds at the early stage of the birth of the ecosystem.
The Ico will last from 20.11.2018, 20.01.2019.

Soft Cap: 5.000 ETH; Hard Cap: 50.000 ETH
ICO stages
A: (20.11.2018 – 25.nov.2018) Token Price: 300,000, STEEL for 1 ETH
B: (26.11.2018 – 07.Dec.2018) Token Price: 250,000, STEEL for 1 ETH
C: (08.12.2018 – 20.Jan.2019) Token Price: 200,000, STEEL for 1 ETH

A minimum amount of contribution: 0.1 Eth
Already today you can apply for testing the alpha version of the STEEL ecosystem, being among the first users of the project.

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