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StealthCrypto – The modern digital world is only being formed, this is what most experts say. At the same time, new problems emerge on the surface, the solution of which is not an easy task. The main one is the security of user data. The recent scandal which has arisen around the most popular social network Facebook, only confirms this fact.
Probably every inhabitant of the planet faced with annoying SMS messages and advertising calls, endless spam to e-mail, etc. Where did these advertisers take personal data? The answer is simple-bought or just stolen.
Communication through digital devices has also ceased to be so open because any conversation can be heard by third parties, and correspondence is read not by those who would like.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the use of users ‘ personal data can be used for much more selfish purposes. It was for the security solution that the Stealthcrypto project arose. With the help of state-of-the-art cryptographic, decentralized and quantum technologies, it is able to 100% to ensure the safety of data users around the world.

Idea and Manufacturability
Stealthcrypto develops the world’s largest self-contained network called Stealth Grid, which will use decentralized blockchain technology to store user data.
At a minimum, the fact of decentralization already gives the new ecosystem a fairly high level of security. But, the Stealthcrypto team decided not to stop, and went much further, creating a unified system of quantum Secure digital identification (quantum-secured digital identity), using its own patented encryption technologies Data.

In simple terms, user data will be evenly divided into a lot of small parts, then they will be encrypted and after that, they are stored in the network blockchain. Thus, no one except the owner of a unique key will actually be able to put together all the parts.
Stealthcrypto team also speaks about another product-Stealth Cloud, which is positioned as a separate development aimed at providing an even greater level of security. In fact, Stealth Cloud is a cloud-based data store.

Communications and your own smartphone
The Stealth Grid ecosystem can be an efficient and secure network for messaging, telephone and video calls. Also, users, without thinking about the issue of confidentiality, will be able to exchange various multimedia files and documents.
Another innovative solution that the Stealthcrypto team introduces is the development of your own mobile device, which will work on open source and provide users with a fast, and most importantly, secure connection to the network. Calls can be made using a Wi-Fi network and normal data transfer.

The Stealthcrypto project is run by experienced experts and experts in the field of digital security and cryptography. Each of the specialists has a great experience in similar directions.

ICO and Token
The ICO project Stealthcrypto is in full swing. It started on January 28, 2018, and will last long enough-up to April 18. During this period, 200 000 000 tokens will be issued qmn.
The value of the token is relatively small-only 1 dollar. Accordingly, the maximum amount that the developers intend to get during the collection of investments-$200 million.
As an advantage, it is possible to note an extensive list of currencies which are accepted for payment: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ADC.
If we believe the data on the official website of the project, more than 10 million tokens have already been sold.
At the moment, the project site offers investors a very advantageous discount-minus 20% for the sale of the next 2 million tokens.

The Stealthcrypto project is exactly what the modern world lacks. It is able to ensure the security of the digital world once and for all, and thus facilitate the lives of many people. The experience of the development team, as well as the use of the latest technology, leave no doubt that Stealthcrypto will be created according to the plan. The project is uniquely promising and worthy of investment.

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