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STATEU is a decentralized software of any credit card payment processor that uses roadblocks to detect and prevent fraud. Online money transfer (FIAT), 5 x more available and 8 x faster. Prepaid debit cards with credit to fund holders and without restrictions. Real Estate Web platform, books, and sale of real estate online in a way using Blockchain to transfer ownership

The company Paybit SA, founded by people with mental abilities in the field, wear donations, the analysis of cryptands, and experts in the field of development, 2016, these people have 6 years of experience in processing of payments in digital Currency as well as money transfers.

Paybit SA s are people who are not familiar with several people, and they are partnering with Bitpagos LATAM, which is a company that can be called the oldest company in Argentina, where the company is dedicated to instant translations Money and payment decisions. Our task is to solve problems related to the borders and borders of the bank. That will be routed to the cities of the project aliases, and now the team picks up the following products:


U Transfer
• State U
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The mission of the State
The team is now working on an initiative to raise this point to real, limited money, instant, convenient, transparent and free.It has offered money that will be awarded to both

A platform that can handle services blockchain AKA debit cards as well as credit card services that are protected from fraud. STATEU The purpose of this platform is absolute to offer solutions for each user in the process of payments in different countries, without giving limits to each client, except for the cases when some kind of tax credit/debit card, limits in International online shopping Store,
For each budget, a transaction will be 3.7% + 1 euro for the international account within 72 hours.
100% online-translation, unlimited

How the Tutorial Works

Below is a simple simulation for which it will work.

For example, Mr. John would like to send money from Spain to London, directed against his colleagues, then the first factor he does is the 100Euros STATES, and this transaction will be 3.5% of the budget.

While the payment method will wear the usual payment methods, aka 0.5% + 1 Euro wear ESU Ethereum token, the guy Jhon will get the money on the same day. This transaction will use 2 variants of Transfer delivery in the National bank account, then the city can guarantee that the transaction will be safe because the hefty States plays the role of escrow.

STATEU Users can get information not only about the provided functions Thanks to the E-banking software, which the team provides to the user, but they can also easily meet their needs, users will be able to make deals with this software anywhere and at any time. In addition, each user will receive the protection that uses 3d technology for VISA and Mastercard payments every second. To manage any transaction that a user performs in a team, wear on the cloud, people with card technology, and I think it’s good with destructive technology, as well as with the affairs of DAO. And those who are not more important will be represented in 7 languages.

Token Real Estate Platform
Using Escrow multi-sig ESU Transfer, each user can also record any sale of real estate, if it is blocked. The purpose of the project’s economic activity is to minimize the budget, as well as our obligation to spend time on online transactions, as well as on the sale of real estate. And we, as potential users do not need to doubt it, because in fact, this team does not have a little experience in helping companies in the real estate sector in the process of selling real estate, house, and other buildings. Internet money transfer is a tool that can help increase foreign investment in underdeveloped countries.

For this argument, they support 100% of real estate.

Why Choose STATEU?
Real Estate promotion, you guys are 100% free, up to 1 month
We help you with legal documentation for sale
Filter customers for you guys KYC & AML
Marketing  Payment for 1 month: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Advertising in foreign real estate journals: 1 month

Sales Registered Forever in Blockchain

With the help of a suitable blockchain, we will be able to save the documentation on the sale of the real estate, identification of the buyer, and also the legality of money. The owner’s name will be kept forever, thanks to the algorithms of “stock proof”, the information is safe, not temporary. Saving the block log will make it easier to find and track properties. This example refers to the property that has been captured by tax collection, the left and the nature without good titles.

They were all objects of fraud Stateu
Using a token is created and developed to provide services, as well as to support Intermarket, each event created to carry this sign is arranged and recorded in Blockchain without you, the guys did not work at all. By wearing this token, we, as users, are very lucky, because we will be able to minimize the budget international money transfers, as well as our budget for real estate sales.

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