SSOTHEALTH The current health care system driven by distribution, procedures are driven approach “Patient Centered Healthcare” (PCHS). To have a system of PCH, the service provider must establish the approach’s “network “. Network driven approach will enable all service providers to work together to achieve the best treatment results for patients. To achieve the best treatment results for patients, cooperation between the various care providers stakeholders, specialist, lab and is a network of insurance companies has increased and resulted in increased use of medical record systems Electronics. Regardless of the improvements that produced coordinated care, data is stored in a silo of health care systems.

Healthcare organizations and Governments spend a huge amount of time and money to set up and manage the traditional information systems and data exchange; need resources to continue to solve the problem, update the parameter field, doing a backup and restore, and extract information for reporting purposes.

Federal legislation and incentive programs have made healthcare data more accessible, in response to the deterioration of hospital-related application of EMR. However, most of the hospital system still can’t easily (or safe) share their data. As a result, doctors spend more time typing than actually talking to patients.

Although there is the idea of individual health information ” ” good clinical or health on the front, this has not translated into a “Patient Centered-Personalized ” treatment plan. In addition, although there is a lot of data, the overall health of the ecosystem is not capable of adequately designed value or risk to the large data to help better predict future patient care episodes.

The Vision Of The SSOT Project HEALTH
The solution currently pursued by the Healthcare technology industry has produced a difficult choice between treatment and economic fraud/privacy for patients. We see this problem is highly developed because more data is being made by the industry. Technology, property, distributed nature of secure Blockchain can help reduce the cost and efficiency of these operations as well as providing a viable security infrastructure.

Our solutions facilitate to offer the best possible health care for patients, better flow of funds, and optimal patient services. KPIS for the provision of care and reduction of costs and improvement of an efficient process for the insurance industry

Technology Blockchain SSOT
SSOT Blockchain is Smart contract driven, the distributed database system is encrypted. Each interface for external actors are processed by SSOT private chain powered tech stack. Institutional transactions are validated by the side chains powered SSOT. There are two clients who used

SSOT Ethereum Web App client Client Client Mobile Ethereum SSOT SSOT Web app is an application plugin for application of any EHR will allow public key-based transactions. The application also provides a gateway to care providers SSOT Wallet.

The client runs on Mobile SSOT pile technology Blockchain facilitate the SSOT official transactions between client applications and Web-distributed data base on which all medical records kept by the patient.

Blockchain SSOT EHR
An application of EMR Technology backed by the revolutionary BlockChain SSOT

SecuredEMR is the first application developed using Blockchain technology in the world. Everyone has the right to have their own medical data in a secure system, SecuredEMR is your wallet data with anyone and have the control to whom share using security protocols supported by the iron-plated SSOT Blockchain.

Features Of The SSOT EHR

1. always update all personal medical records
2. Integrated with any medical system operating in Blockchain
3. Authorization by user discretion
4. The details of the access levels are determined by Patient
5. you can export the data in CCR
6. Data is in your hands each in the appropriate storage HIPPA/CMS
7. Blockchain allows SSOT-ID make a user account SecuredEMR

Blockchain SecurePharma Pharma SSOT is first based Pharma applications Blockchain. Improved workflow, which is built into the algorithm-based AI help individuals, pharmacy, PBM and drug manufacturers in the supply chain. This product complies with regulations and audit applications ready.

Pharmacy systems driven by the verification process, adjustment and

Fully compatible SSOT pharmaceutical Blockchain and SmartContract enabled system is encrypted.
Features Of The SSOT Pharma

SSOT Pharma offers solutions pre-Auth enabled SmartContract to eliminate the pre-authorization process and reduce costs and increase efficiency
SSOT Pharma offers SmartContract Adjudication process eliminates management enabled Ajudikasi by SmartContract and machine learning
SSOT Pharma offers Procurement management SmartContract allows Pharma eliminate high inventory and distribution processes and reducing the time distribution of up to 90%
Blockchain SSOT Claims
SSOT-powered application Blockchain with SSOT AI engine handles the complexities of insurance claims. He handled the fraud in various lines of business in the insurance industry. Just add a big book with a process framework fully secure the SSOT insurance data from fraud.
Features Of The SSOT Claims

SmartContract activated 99% acceptance first.
SmartContract supportedĀ  real-time claims
Artificial Intelligent power management CODE supported by the SSOT Blockchain eliminate the filing of claims with the wrong Code.
The role of the adjudicator and the clearing house be eliminated so that the services provided by insurance companies improved with lower costs.
The overall cycle time is reduced up to 90% of the revenue that will improve working capital and cash flow better to the practices of service providers
For insurance companies, a claim for a process claim was reduced 65% by the management of verification of claims is driven by Smarttrotifikasi SSOT.
Patients play a role in the approval of the claim, thus eliminating incorrect claims for services provided by service providers.

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