Sprintx Platform for Entrepreneurs and the Development of New Business Ideas

SPRINTX The Startup Community is characterized by talented people and great people. They use their ideas to make each of their respective industries to become bigger and better; Furthermore, they give back to community entrepreneurs, mentoring, advising, and guide to be successful.
This is the Startup Community images that inspire us to develop this project. We understand that, even in the ecosystem of the current opportunities, funding has always been a major problem that slows growth.

The startup is usually trying to get funding through traditional financial institutions, which often leads to failure because of the current financial system would rather invest in a company that has produced profits or have experience and trajectory the broad.
However, how Startup companies recently without record or previous earnings-indicate that their talents and ideas can be combined to create real solutions to real-world problems and improve the lives of people?

This is the essence of how our project was born. We want to provide support for the financial system Startup that is not currently included and help them be successful. We would like to contribute back to the community of entrepreneurs in which they pulled off; Basically, perpetuating the cycle of growth and business prosperity and life around their community.

Introducing SprintX
We found that the creation of platforms with the main purpose to connect the breach between the real world and the virtual world can accelerate their business initiatives by providing the technological tools needed to Startup to launch the ICO themselves and to achieve their vision.

To ensure the success of the ICO launched, we had to provide Startup with how to convert their funds from Crypto to Fiat. We also know that the newly created token for Startup should be listed on the Exchange, and is provided to give you the value of trade as soon as possible and make it available to other investors.

We categorize these into two ICO and Crypto services we call SwitchX & SprintX that will help:
Launch the ICO to Startup
Trade tokens and currency Fiat respectively.
The next component that we have to tackle is partnering with someone who has a comprehensive knowledge about the world of Startup and its needs. This is why we have partnered with Fundación NOVA. With the Fund and guide the entrepreneur through different programs, NOVA strives to provide a positive impact on developing countries and serve as examples of industries that generate human capital in highly skilled technology.

The Vision And Mission Of The Project SprintX
Vision-create self-contained communities with the use of blockchain technology for business innovation to improve the lives of people.
Mission-wake up City Savvy that serves as a Center for technology Startup that lets the tool and the financial entities that are required to launch their own ICO and change the currency of their crypto into fiat currencies.
Ecosystem SprintX
To communicate our vision, we must think of the combination of SprintX-SwitchX-Fundación NOVA as a whole ecosystem. One that interacts with the others and that profits from investors, companies and Startups.

SprintX ecosystem will count with the following components, each designed to meet the needs of our clients and to solve specific problems in industrial and financial Startup at the moment:

How SprintX Ecosystem Work?
Each ecosystem component SprintX is an independent entity that will work in a lasting partnership for mutual benefit and will each have a specific purpose for this type of support is offered for every Startup:
Will manage all aspects of ICO for Startup and analyze whether ICO feasible and appropriate.
Fundación NOVA
Will take every Startup to the NOVA Campus which is a Smart City designed specifically for business development and technology to grow their business in that location.
Will be the banking parties behind our operations and will manage the financial aspects of regulation and our funding activities on a global scale.
Startup application files through the web page SprintX to apply for the Incubation Process.
This application is reviewed and accepted.
Fundación NOVA onboard Startup team and began to set targets and milestones that will be required during the Startup process of the 16 weeks of their Incubation.
When the Incubation process is complete, the Startup will choose to launch their ICO through the tools offered by SprintX.
After ICO ends, Startups may choose to convert the cryptocurrency appointed to the fiat using SwitchX.
The token that is created from the ICO will then be automatically added to SwitchX and available for trading.

Website : https://sprintx.io
Whitepaper : https://sprintx.io/docs/whitepaper-sprintx-en.pdf
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