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Sportsfix  – I congratulate you, dear readers. We are always glad to share with you the most promising ideas and startups from the world of Cryptoalyta. They are created in order to ease our life with you and change the world in the future. Blockchain technology has certain features that make it evaluated by organizations and online platforms. Transparency and security are a hallmark of this great invention.
There is a problem that the formal television model is old-fashioned. Too many platforms and channels. Because of the one-sided relationship, there are limited licenses from direct appointments and oversight.

The problem is bad content delivery. Linear channels are too complex for clear viewing, and the managers of electronic programs in most cases are very boring.
means by which most fans receive information or sports content, very luxurious, outdated and problematic. Emails are often associated with desirable network content, which increases the cost. Therefore, users are forced to pay for the services they should not take into account the higher prices. All this is due to how flexible it is when choosing.
The vision of the team is to determine the market of sports content, postponing the side of the mediators and getting some connection with the copyright holders directly to the supporters of the Sportfix ecosystem. This vision will perform a long way to some income streams for owners and athletes. It also helps to educate fans and to pursue what the fans were expecting.

Sportsfix is the revolutionary ecosystem of digital sports content based on technology blockchain; Deduplication and decentralization of sports media rights, allowing investment in intellectual property rights, trust and unbreakable transparency through SF tokens (SFT) and intellectual contracts, built on network Ethereum.
Sportsfix seeks to expand its offerings in three stages. At the current stage, SF Media Holdings is already a fast-growing business in Asia, which weekly broadcasts local and international sports events to millions of fans and is going to become one of the world’s most valuable video streaming platforms in the region.

In the second stage – starting with the release of SFT-SF, fans can participate and communicate with their favorite leagues and clubs, using SFT as a way of paying transactions related to content, on the block-chain. In the third phase, SF plans to produce security tokens that provide fans with fractional ownership of content and economy-admirers, which possess a small part of the “own” team.
The Sportsfix idea is a distributed transfer in real-time mode for the network of digital stadiums, which is intended for smartphones and tablets of sports fans in Asia. In principle, the project can be called innovative sport-ecosystem, which is based on the technology of a block of rights to media materials.

At the moment the system is in progress in the business world, it starts its journey from Asian countries. This is our platform, which daily broadcasts the city or world events in a sports environment for millions of fans and sets a goal to become the best platform for video streams in the world.
Next, according to the Sportsfix team plan, we’ll create your own token, which will become a way of paying for users and will allow you to interact with all kinds of sports offline, making various transactions with a supported block of smart contracts.
What is a digital stadium? This is a platform of the future that allows the funk to keep in touch with favorite teams, coaches, clubs and still receive tokens from Sportsfix for their activities.

The basis for such stadiums will have a lot of levels to advertise the system and provoke development. The more people join the platform, the more opportunities it becomes available, which further heats the interest of users.
While there is no sense to talk about the third stage of development, it will only happen in 2019. Now the main engine of the system is token Sportsfix, which is also suitable for the digital stadium. It also fits well into the token erc20, which is embedded in a chain of Ethereum

Thus, the token platform is a liaison between fans and sports representatives, supporting mutually beneficial relations between them, focusing on live sports content in a huge ecosystem.
System tokens are used not only by fans but also by clubs, as well as sponsors. As a user, you can spend tokens for access to stadiums as well as a club or sponsor you can encourage fans to attend or participate. By the way, our markers can be exchanged for any currency crypt.

The SFT token is applied in the system. It is needed to spread the system among clubs, fans, patrons on the conditions of mutual dignity within sports content. If you are a fan, it is possible to access digital stadiums and favorite content. Sponsors can apply coins to encourage fans and sponsor content. Coin with token SFT will bargain on exchanges for different currencies.

Summary sums for Token
Name-number sign Sportsfix (SFT)-800 a million pieces
The cost of one token is 10 cents.
Previous ICO – from 4 to 8 weeks.
The amount of sales is 440 million.
Discounts-from 30 to 50%.
Minimum-2 million dollars.
Max-37 million 200 thousand dollars

Sportsfix  Thus, the project Sportsfix is one of the most promising projects aimed at decentralization of sports media rights, introducing the ecosystem of digital sports content located on technology blockchain, and provides confidence and transparency Through the deployment of intellectual contracts.

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