SPINDLE Blockchain-Based Investment Asset Management Platform

SPINDLE Virtual currency Cryptocurrency (‘ cryptocurrency ‘) became widely known by the general public in Japan through Mt Gox incidents in the year 2014. Bitcoin topics are taken up by the media of Japan; However, it focuses on discussions about the existence of the law. Thus, Bitcoin introduced as “object n” without official recognition by the Government, similar to the electronic currencies Enten, who was also involved in a scandal in Japan in 2009. However, at this time in the year 2017, Japan and most of the world saw as a merger of technology blockchain Bitcoin and research is being done by many of the engineers.

With this understanding, the concept of change Initial Coin O ring ff (ICO) was born as a method of funding. Starting with the sale of the Ethereum sign in 2014, ICO scattered throughout the world with the purpose of securing funds for expanding the infrastructure for the cryptocurrency, construction, and provision of applications and services, limited in scale, to fund business facilities. The release of SPINDLE is also working with the same goal in mind.

SPINDLE is the platform for investment management/asset with information that cannot be changed and is very transparent based on blockchain technology and smart contract.
It noted the plan operator, history, and performance by cryptocurrency using blockchain technology, so customers can assess investment options based on information that cannot be faked. In addition, customers investing directly using the currency of the SPINDLE, so no third party can intervene in the investment process. The investment immediately noted in blockchain technology uses intelligent so that contractual relationships between investors and asset managers are made with the same conditions without the need for a conventional bank or securities firm to act as intermediaries.

SPINDLE believes that building a fair relationship between investor and asset manager is the best way to eliminate the insecurity of investors of investment/asset management, and transparency of the underlying and the reliability of the information will serve as a catalyst for more people to engage in proactive asset/investment management.
Currently, the investment options in the Spindle is to invest in global digital currency manager, but in the future, a promising startup seeking funding and crowdfunding is added to the list of investment options. SPINDLE believes that everyone is investing in a wide array of investment choices with the intention and purpose are clear so they can obtain not only the conventional value in terms of profit, but also for enjoying life independently, and experience the richness of life and thoughts through their investment and contributions

Prototype SPINDLE
After ICO, SPINDLE will be available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android as an application called SPINDLE Service Application (SPA). SPD holder can use the SPA application to invest in the virtual currency hedge funds around the world. SPINDLE PROTO # 2 is a beta version and after ICO SPINDLE, the Committee will select 5 to 10 virtual currency hedge fund and token ICO will be available.

SPA, also known as PROTO # 3, is planned to be released between autumn and winter 2018, and as an addition to the virtual currency hedge fund and token ICO, holder of the SPD will be able to invest in a fund ICO (ICO venture capital funds) and a token associated with assets like gold and real estate, etc.

After 2018, the application winter SPA will enter phase PROTO # 4 and planned to have the additional capability as a “virtual currency wallet”.

SPINDLE Platform monetization overview (SPA):
. There are no fees will be collected from holders of SPD
. From the hedge fund cryptocurrency who join the SPA, the Spindle is planning to raise 1.0%/y from the total assets managed at the SPA of any hedge fund cryptocurrency in mid-December of each year.

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