Soundeon – Blockchain Music Platform that Changes Everything

Soundeon – Today I would like to talk about such a sphere as music. This sphere is very interesting and most importantly popular. After all, every day in the world become more and more musicians, created their own groups and implemented various creative activities. But, to the great regret, for the frequent about such musicians know units, namely friends and familiar. This is very bad and that is why a lot of talented guys or even groups do not go out and they are also known only units. The most important problem is to be published. For this purpose, it is necessary to pass very serious selections and to have serious connections through dozens of mediators. In the end, it is not only intermediaries but also a huge amount of money that will be needed to advance in the bottom sphere. Thus it is necessary to seriously decide to implement a platform that would be able to promote musicians and performers in the light. And actually, there is such a project. I would like to introduce you to a project that I have stumbled upon for a long time and want to tell you about it. This project is called Soundeon.

About the project:
Soundeon – In its essence, this project solves the issue of unavailability of the sphere. It will be useful not only to simple listeners but also to the most important artists. Thanks to the project the performers will be able to realize their creativity and move up. That is, this project will be engaged in the support of the performers and their development. Thus, thanks to this project will be removed a huge number of intermediaries, which simply hinder the development of creative individuals.

This project has a wide range of development. You can see that the platform is aimed not only at accompaniment of artists but also on absolutely all subtleties of the sphere. For example, you will be able to assign copyright to your already released works, or to works that are in the process of development. Soundeon This will be possible at the expense of such a remarkable innovation as smart contracts. This will result in a copyright treaty and will not change or replace it. This is a huge plus of this technology. At the same time, the technology realizes true honesty, transparency, and most importantly the openness of the sphere! It also comes from the fact that the project will have its own marketplaces, thanks to which the creators will be able to realize their creativity and get a piece of bread for it.

I would like to highlight the main aspects of this project:
1. The possibility of conducting fees, something like investing in your creativity. Simply put, you will be able to sell tokens, and get an investment from the users of the project that would be possible to create some creative work.
2. The project will be very well implemented market system of sale of copyright. Just imagine, you will be able to magnetize your copyright to a particular composition, thereby receiving support for the following projects. Very convenient, and most importantly it is something that will help to realize the artist in the future.
3. Ability to track popularity and demand for content. That is, users will be able to track how important their works are and how much they are profitable. It is very important for the further development of the artist and his creativity in general.
4. Built-in Media player, which is just at the expense of blockchain technology will collect all the information about the popularity of compositions. After all by its essence through it you will listen to tracks and have fun.
5. Also, you will be able to buy tickets for concerts directly, without any heap of intermediaries, who just do, how to spin the prices of tickets.

ICO Project:
The token will be called: Soundeon.
The price per token unit will be: 1 Soundeon = $0.056923
Sales Date:
Private sale: From June 11 to June 26, 2018.
Pre-sale: From June 27 to July 26, 2018.
Main Stage: July 27 to August 31, 2018.
Minimum sales target: 52 700 000 tokens Soundeon.

Conclusion : 
Soundeon I would like to say that I just do reviews on projects and express my opinion about a particular product, as well as the implementation of ideas that are offered to us by developers. I do not in any way encourage you to invest because investment is a matter of personal decision of each user. Also, I am not a financial expert who could give advice on investments. You take these decisions purely by yourself. I would like to remind you that I do not bear any responsibility for your investment. Read my reviews and learn a lot of interesting things. Have a good day!

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