– The Only Cryptocurrency Exchange You Will Ever Need At the moment its capitalization amounts to several billions of dollars. Due to virtual currencies in recent time, a huge number of millionaires, whose age does not exceed 30 years. That is why many investors are eager to use the cryptocurrency market to get maximum profit.
To achieve this goal, they often have to turn to the help of specialized trading platforms, which are far from perfect. Among the disadvantages of modern cryptocurrency exchanges should be singled out:

 Lack of stable operation even at the largest trading sites
 Insufficient number of financial instruments for effective trade
 No trading schedules
 Narrow selection of cryptocurrency;
 All sites have a monthly transaction limit
 The long-term registration process, which may take several months
 Confusing interface, confusing even experienced traders

All the above-mentioned disadvantages lead to the fact that to trade cryptocurrency investors and traders have to use simultaneously several trading platforms and use the services of exchangers, losing a lot of opportunities.
A new platform called Sonata will allow correcting the situation.

Purpose of the project
The main purpose of the project creators is to create a balanced platform allowing to trade virtual currency with the possibility of using an intuitive interface and a number of financial instruments, which will allow Engaging in trading using cryptocurrency not only for experienced traders but also for newcomers.

Working principle
The main advantages of the Sonata platform are:

High security
Low level of commission fees
User-friendly graphical interface
The possibility of use in the trade of leverage
A wide range of tokens
Availability of tools for market analysis and price forecasting on the basis of artificial intelligence
Presence of chats for communication between traders
Availability of a specialized mobile application
Investors ‘ fees.
The most significant part of the project is the security that is provided on the Sonata platform through the use of several levels of protection to ensure the reliability of storage facilities, as well as protection against DDoS-attacks and phishing attacks. It should be noted that each user uses individual keys in the platform’s work, and data protection is provided by using an AES-256 encryption algorithm, which is considered to be the most reliable as of today.

Commission fees for performing operations on the site are 0.09%-for the seller and 0.19% for the buyer, which is significantly lower than the commissions even at the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform’s user interface was designed to meet the needs of novice traders. However, it can be changed depending on own taste preferences that make it very convenient even for experienced traders. The most experienced trader’s Sonata provides the opportunity to trade using leverage. Moreover, the leverage on this site, unlike traditional stock exchanges, has the flexibility to make it possible to use it even in countries where it is prohibited.

Special attention should be paid to the algorithm of price change forecasting, developed on the basis of artificial intelligence, which can be used as an auxiliary solution for decision making. The convenience of this site add such elements as a general chat, allowing to exchange professional opinion with other traders about possible movement of virtual currencies, and also the mobile application allowing to engage in trading with application Cryptocurrency at any time and in any place.

Developers of this platform want to reward their investors for their contribution to the development of the platform, so they will be transferred 80 percent of the total amount of fees. It should be noted that during the 1st year the tokens will not be put on the market to ensure the maximum profit of investors and increase their value. SONT tokens can be purchased to contribute to the development of the platform within ICO.

Dates and details of ICO
The creators of the Platform intend to implement 250 million coins. Sales will be carried out from the 8th of October of the current year to the end of the first quarter of the 2019 year. 1st SONT price 0.000755 ETH. The minimum purchase volume is 1000 SONT. Hardcap Project-21 million dollars.

Conclusion : Creation of a platform allowing to carry out trading of virtual currencies with the possibility of use of a number of financial instruments and convenient interface is rather attractive, both from the point of view of experienced traders and from the point of view of beginners. Moreover, unlike most modern ICO project Sonata offers investors an impressive income, which provides even greater attractiveness.

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