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Solarex  – Global energy demand has created a huge market that has led to countries needing more energy to develop their infrastructure and create favorable economic growth over the past two decades. Solar energy technologies have gained global recognition and ultimately become the main driver in the energy market, with developed countries using their potential to increase their renewable goals. The advent of blockchain technology can accelerate the penetration of solar energy into the energy market. The idea of combining BL Blockchainchain and solar technology is welcomed in the world we are in today.

Technology allows us to effectively, safely, openly and fairly conduct business operations, build a network of reliable business partners and create prosperity in the country. The same should apply to most developing and developed countries/continents, such as Africa, which, paradoxically, has one of the poorest indicators of electricity production in the world.

The creation of opportunities and the transformation of energy consumers into a part of the Solarex project remains at the heart of our plans to revolutionize the energy market. The idea is to distribute energy to users in a structured and simple way that will have a positive impact on the entire continent in the coming years

One and a half billion people around the world still do not have access to electricity. and 3 billion rely on biomass for cooking. Solarex  Africa is among the top 10 continents with the lowest level of access to electricity. Indoor air pollution from carbon monoxide in open furnaces is the leading cause of death in developing countries before malaria and tuberculosis are combined. Solarex identified the following problems in the energy industry;
· There is no mains power in remote locations.
 Lack of safety and reliability.
 Lack of transparency and security in electricity transactions.
 Protection of the environment and public health; High risk of contamination of energy sources.
 Adaptability and resellers; Regular electrical breakdown
 Unattainable energy costs.
 Unnecessary energy losses in the centralized network during transmission.
 Barriers to market entry both as producers and as consumers (e.g. financing costs and mechanisms).
 Poor use of capacity in critical areas.

Solarex  builds a reliable system based on BL Blockchainchain technology. The Solarex ecosystem is an innovative, destructive and democratized system that will certainly improve the living conditions of the people of Africa and the billions of lives around the world. The solarex-hybrid launch of the new generation solar energy supplier, supported by the latest technology BL Blockchainchain and transaction systems with the support of cryptocurrency.

We are determined to exploit this unique and devastating digital energy solution to improve the lives of Africans, most of whom have been denied access to permanent electricity for decades.
The business model is designed to create autonomous solar farms in urban, semi-urban and rural areas and in certain cluster zones to improve the energy scenario within the selected zones. leasing of a solar pack that comes with Individual support with finances.

The basis for management and control of supply and distribution will be based on smart contract, intelligent Measurement and Solarex application supported by BL Blockchainchain technology. For an energy purchase transaction and payment fees, the Solarex utility token will be issued to make a complete solar ecosystem around Africa.

Token information
Token name: Solarex Utility Token
Token symbol: SRX
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC 20
General offer: 2.4 billion
Token Price: $0.05
The amount for sale: 1.344 billion
Soft Cap: $5 million
Hard Cap: $65 million

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