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Solarex  The team will continually find new options that support the energy market by providing our valued customers with additional services in companies that need energy
What remains open is the problem of donating and attracting energy consumers to the Solarex project with the aim of drawing up plans for the energy market. The idea is that, on the recommendation of years, the ability to generate energy and use it in a structured way has been extended to all continents.
Solarex Business Goals
Powering Africa Solarex This project will expand the capacity of millions and millions of people in Africa
In terms of the map, the availability of energy is harmonized with industrialized countries. This is going through
The latest transaction management features
is activated in a safe and easy way. The idea of this vision for all
Solarex team members have a number of goals. This will
Prepare the ground for the following business goals:
• Make decisions independent of the majority of the masses.
• Get millions of users more convenience in energy access.
Get customer trust, excise tax
and decentralized and guaranteed energy transactions.
• Protection of users ‘ interests with maximum comfort and safety.
• Development of business models through different channels.
• Creating a global brand for the big business of the future.
The goal is to improve the quality of the main supplier of solar Solution 5-in-1, which is currently not available in the market. Solarex  The idea is to create an economic environment in which millions of people can afford affordable prices. Therefore, Solarex initiated a plan to transform visions and concepts into business plans. Thus, Solarex wants to change its next commitment to the global business.
Benefits of Dying
The use of smart counters is used in
The Solarex network is based on the following advantages: Several competitive advantages:
• Characterized by the creation of a better system-which reduces energy consumption-detects errors in real time
And alert reduces response time to solve potential problems.
• Solarex Smart meters can read energy data in blockchain and avalanche data.
Generate for specific purposes
used the correct information.
• Cost-effectiveness: The use of smart meters provides an accurate measurement of energy
Elimination of prospective accounts that are in the energy market
Africa prevails. Savings effect-saving.
• MATIC processing: Using Smart Counter will die in the Solarex network
Avoid manual input from utility companies that may be inaccurate. Automation
The measurement process results in greater efficiency and measurement of
Real-time energy consumption and reporting.
• Complete control: The Intelligent measurement process provides a full charge of energy
For the system. Ability to work in
Solarex microgrid Integrated Intelligent meter readings user-friendly application for tracking provides full control of the system.
This is the problem of stealing energy using
Complex built-in replicas Extetextechechie
Solarex  3 billion people are preparing for biomass. Africa is among the top 10 on the other side of electricity. Indoor air pollution from carbon monoxide in open kilns occurs in developing countries before malaria and tuberculosis unite. Solarex has identified the following problems in the energy sector:
· There is no mains voltage in remote locations.
· Lack of safety and reliability.
· Environment and public health the main threat from polluting sources of energy.
· Adapiness and fault tolerance for regular power outages due to power outages
· Inaccessible energy costs.
· Unnecessary energy losses in the central network during transmission.
· Market barriers, both producer and consumer (e.g. financial costs and arrangements).
· Poor use in critical areas

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