Soar – Decentralised Global Super-Map

SOAR – You probably noticed that in recent years the interest in crypto or as they are called drones has grown very much. Today many people already know about them. These devices are used for various purposes: for personal use as a toy for amateur filming, for military purposes-everything is very clear, for the needs of law enforcement agencies, the media, and many others. Some even operate drones as a means of delivering cargo. The technology of production of modern drones on the control is still sufficient young, it is not more than 10 years.

Thanks to the invention of drones we have the opportunity to do amazing footage from the height of altitude flight, and with Izobretiniem blockchain-and earn on it.
The Soar platform gives us this opportunity.
The project is a decentralized platform where each user is able to safely sell their unique content through blockchain. The drones market is growing every year and the total income in a couple of years can reach a mark of over 127 billion dollars. It is logical to assume that given the number of drone owners around the world and the inability to earn in any way on their favorite hobby, this option looks perfect.

This measure is really very relevant, as the number of drone owners around the world exceeds 100 million. Man, of whom about 96% would never have thought that there is an option to sell their favorite photos. Sellers and buyers will be in the same ecosystem-it make it easier to find really high-quality content. Drone owners will also have free access to their content on the open market. The decentralized market will include video files, Photofiles, aerial from the height of the bird pallet.

SOAR The developers plan to create an advanced open market photo and video content shot with the help of Quadrocopter. Members of the ecosystem will be able to increase their revenues from the sale of the captured materials to all interested persons all over the world. All finished content will be recorded in Blockchain, which will give a guarantee of security.

All captured and unused content can be uploaded to the platform. For example, if the user thinks that the photo was not interesting, then it is not a reason not to put it on the market. This photo can be of value to scientists who are involved in geological exploration or other interested persons.

Blockchain will act as a guarantor of the authenticity of the content owner through a smart contract. All data from drones will be recorded in the blockchain, namely: hash of the file and its geolocation data (location, altitude, time and date of shooting), Mark Quadrocopter, an address for file storage, owner’s purse address, history of transactions execution.

Soar provides drone owners with a fair and transparent platform to monetize their content with the ultimate goal of creating a unique super-map of the world.

Soar developers already have the experience of creating commercial applications, Specialiairujushhihsja on the collection of KARTAGRAFICHESKIH data, with a large client base from around the world.
The platform received a strong impetus for development in 2015 when it was interested in the U.S. Department of Defense. As the number of American armed forces grows every year, they need to use all available options to obtain data for their tactical tasks. First of all, the military paid attention to the possibility of using the Soar platform on mobile devices and tablets, as well as the convenient exchange of geolocation data between different types of units in real time.
After a while, the platform was accessed not only by the military but also by ordinary users.

It is important to note the quality of the transmitted picture. Unlike satellite images, Soar in this respect wins with a noticeable difference. The price of content mainly depends on the demand and supply of photos in a particular area of the map and, of course, on the quality. For example, if a large number of platform participants are gathered in one particular place, they will naturally create competition for each other. Only the one who will make better content and offer for its work that price in conditions of fierce competition will win. SOAR These conditions encourage users to create the highest quality content.

Global Map
The developers set the goal of creating a global world map, which will have access to everything. Over time, thanks to the collected data from all corners of the planet, the map will be increased and adjusted. It is also planned to introduce AI, which will be an incentive for wide distribution of the platform among various spheres of life, industry, logistics, security, agriculture, etc.
The Soar protocol allows users to store a huge amount of video photo content and provides access to the system from a Web or mobile application.

Types of content
The platform uses different types of content:
1. video file. Available in different formats depending on the camera quadrocopter. (MP4, MOV). Quality also plays a role-720 p, HD (1080p) or 4k.
2. Photograph. The most common format on the JPEG and RAW platform.
3. Aerial. This content is obtained by summing up many images. The formation of the final photo is processed before loading onto the platform. Available format-2d and 3d. Compression is possible without loss of quality.
4. Specialized file. Thermal imaging data, LIDAR and multispectral images.

SOAR For all transactions on the platform will be used own token Skym, standard ERC-20 on the basis of blockchain Ethereum. The Skym token is the only way to interact with the platform, if you do not have it you do not have access to the basic functions.
It also serves as a reward for the creation of quality content. Tokens will be the main economic component for the creation of the super-map’s global super-map Soar. Users will be able to create a skybounty for the selected region and select an organization or participant as Sky sponsor.
The platform will take 7% as a commission for all transactions in the sale or purchase of content. The minimum payout for quality content is much higher than that of direct centralized competitors. Transaction speed is instantaneous.

Conclusion :
Today you can often find such a situation that for a really cool photo you can get good money, but there may be problems finding the buyer of this photo. The Soar platform can provide users with access to a huge database of interested buyers. This will greatly facilitate the sale of content and become an incentive to increase platform users.

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