Smart Containers Temperature Sensitive Logistics Revolutionized

Smart Containers One of the industries that revolution technology blockchain is the logistics industry. With all the potential that this new technology brings, it can be a very good idea to use this type of technology in your company. Today we will look at Smart containers, a company that knows this very well.
Smart containers is a blockchain and logistics company that combines the potential of two technologies, using integration with some Internet sensors to create solutions for logistics companies working with containers.

This project was created by the Swiss company Smart containers Group. This company provides safe temperature controlled containers for the transport of heat sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs. The purpose of the company is to help ensure that no goods will be damaged during their delivery and they want to use the blockchain technology to do so.

Smart containers use blockchain Logi Chain technology along with Internet devices that allow the company to control containers in real time and store information about them. This allows users to have a specific set of benefits, such as getting rid of paper and disconnected information.

Blockchain can be a decentralized technology, but it does much to centralize information for your company, as all information is no longer stored in paper, but in Blokchejne, where you can view this information whenever you want. Using this technology, you can also automate billing in the supply chain of your product, and this will help you reduce transaction fees because cryptocurrency can be used to pay for services.

Smart Containers One of the other benefits of using the blockchain Logi Chain technology is that it opens up your company’s logistics, and you can integrate your logistics with companies from third-party companies that can work with you more easily.

The main new product, which the company develops at the moment, is an autonomous container 4.0. It will be a “final” smart container, which uses the technology of protection of goods from heat and the ability to manage their own temperature settings. More than 50 person-years or studies have been made to create this new product.

This new container will work with existing blockchain technology to ensure that not only products will be protected from heat, Smart Containers but will also be tracked within the company’s logistics system.

The company will issue not one token, but two: Smart coins and LOGI coins. The company intends to get 36 million US dollars from the first and 4 million for the second. Here are the information about these tokens:

SMARC Coin: Total volume 150 m, 120 m tokens are available for purchase on ICO. Full price: 0432 USD per token. Pre-sale Discount: 25%.

LOGI Coin: Total stock 100 m, 20 m in ICO. Total Price: 0285 USD. Pre-sale Discount: 25%.
This company was founded by Nico Ros and Richard Jettlom, who currently serve as technical director and CEO of the company. Other key members of the team are Andreas Ernst (CFO), Carl Bunger (Business development manager) and Thomas Taroni (head of it). The company is also consulted by Oliver Bussman and Michael Guzik.

Smart Containers Group-a very reliable company that develops high-tech products and makes efforts to bring to market their best products. This is similar to a company that can have a good chance of success in the ICO.

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