Skynet – The First Blockchain Chip

Skynet – The Internet of Things is popular, and in the future, you will see houses with devices connected to each other. IOT devices are the future, and many people want to buy them. You know that their network is crowded and it becomes hard to pay high rates. Why not just a simple method where you can get a new blockchain platform that is only intended for IOT-devices. SON-A new chain of blocks, and it is scalable (which means that in the future it can handle the traffic).

The number of connected devices in 1990 was less than 1 percent, and now it is 20 percent or higher. In the future, you will have everyone using a home with IOT devices. Apple-The company has already started to develop new media that connect your phone via Bluetooth. This can make your life simplistic and less effort on your part.
IOT can help in homes, in agriculture, and in almost all areas. There is something like a smart city where you can use it to save energy and improve savings in cities. Imagine that you can automate street lights and get the data behind it.

Imagine cars with special sets that can notify the nearest ambulance, saying that there was an accident with this car, and he needs help. The machines are going to communicate, and they need a platform for the network. We will look for a decentralized platform that is this symbol.

Skynet-solves problems with the implementation of blockchain and many functions will provide a complete system and system of the first chip, consisting of a blockchain in the network scalable blockchain. Free Chip-lock licenses will be distributed to billions of devices worldwide and connected to the Skynet Network unit, which will build real-time infrastructure for blockchain technology and more efficient Skynet ecosystem.

Skynet Core
Skynet Core can replace an existing processor with an optimized kernel for the internet and a RISC chip blocking technology with a licensed block Vch chip.
Problems with block network for bags.

Skynet  Despite all the advantages of Blockshame, the existing network has large computational overhead and low efficiency. Network architectures cannot handle billions of interactions that make a device every day and do not support acceptance in the real world. Thus, old networks, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, are based on architecture, such as “competition” and the principles of “Blockchain, many applications.” Blocked circuits, which have grown out of these old principles, provide a low transaction rate per second (7-20 transactions), high transaction cost (0.70 cents), many applications in the same series are suitable for costly and sea routes, which are compared to each other and do unnecessary work.

We all know that in the future many devices will have cryptocurrency. Yes, hackers can use the CPU IOT-devices to boot cryptocurrency. There is no reliable platform to ensure the security of your funds. I was looking for a suitable hardware device that would help us save or save the security. Skynet is also engaged in the creation of unique devices for your needs. This is the first-of-its-kind project with a blocked chip. Why you should use your usual equipment if you have a special device to handle it.

A token release is not yet announced, the price of the tokens SON will be less than one cent. The number of tokens will be greater than or equal to one trillion. One percent of tokens are available for generosity, 15 percent of tokens to the public, and 5 percent of tokens for private sale. If you pass the early stage, you can get discounts.
This is a very advanced project at this time, and when demand increases, you will see an increase in prices. I am always looking for utilities that in the future will have an increase in prices.

Problem creating a block series
Bitcoin and Dzheffium estimate 131 billion and 60 billion. respectively (since June 2018), as they are the most popular networks in space, despite their basic methods. New projects are difficult to achieve success, it is necessary to meet different criteria:

1. Transaction fees must be minimal, less time of confirmation, and energy must be effective.
2. Compatibility with outdated tasks. A chain with a lock or DAG must be compatible with the current system.

Skynet protocol
All project proposals in the inaugural Empire Skynet, a protected system through distributed artificial intelligence, which will provide cooperation and intelligence among all the devices in their network. Skyware has a series of neuro-processing, blocking core Skynet to solve both crypto processor and intellect in hardware. To address scalability, overhead, and limited applications on a traditional network, Skynet is also a child, infinite block network.

Blockchain Equipment
Skynet Core includes revolutionary patent ideas such as built-in hardware portfolios and compact encryption processors that provide real-time infrastructure for Block by technology. Skynet kernel kernels can be used to run high-bandwidth networks and can safely protect cryptocurrency from theft. The Skynet kernel will be distributed from the network portfolio and its crypto ergonomic, which will provide faster access to the block network of billions of devices.

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