SKYNET – Powering the Future of Blockhain And Internet Of things

SKYNET  – Imagine a reality where intelligent devices can communicate autonomously and safely on a large scale. A large number of devices are easily involved in the global economy. This is a long-standing vision of IoT technology, the creation of self-organizing networks of artificial intelligence.
Blockchain technology is a candidate for data security and payment to make it possible. At this point, the current Blockchain technology simply does not have the performance to do so.
The Skynet project aims to change that. The system consists of a combination of kernel system on a chip, optimized for applications of artificial intelligence and highly scalable Blockchain.

Intelligent Machine Network
Distributed book technology, introduced with Bitcoin, can provide a secure and reliable communication layer for a secure network of interconnected IoT devices. Blockchain can provide solutions for device identification, secure decentralized micropayments, and reliable communication with guaranteed data integrity.
This trusted infrastructure should support very high transaction throughput, almost instant transaction confirmations, and almost infinite scalability in terms of the number of supported devices. No current Blockchain provides these guarantees, although recent advances in the protocols have laid the groundwork for the establishment of such systems.
Skynet combines innovative solutions for scalable, distributed accounting register networks with custom-designed hardware to create a high-throughput architecture for transactions.

Skynet Core
Skynet is based on Skynet Core, a specialized chip that implements a system on a chip (SoC) optimized for Blockchain and AI applications. The chip uses a 32-bit or 64-bit kernel RISC-V, contains a patented technology to provide the following components:
1.hardware Wallet: Problems of key management and wallet security are one of the main reasons for the loss of funds. Connected devices that host wallets for M2M interactions are exposed to external vectors of attack. Built-in hardware wallet support, similar to Ledger support, provides a built-in security level for key management. However, to ensure the true payment capabilities of M2M, the Skynet kernel includes an automated authorization system and AI authentication.
2. Hash acceleration: Cryptographic hash functions are allocated among the most common algorithms in Blockchain technology. SKYNET For this reason, the Skynet kernel includes built-in acceleration.
3. The automatic signing of transactions: Devices connected through Blockchain Exchange data through transactions. To make this easier, Skynet Core includes the automatic signing of transactions, allowing you to clearly identify the sources of all Blockchain interactions.
It is important to note that Skynet Core will be produced on a non-licensed model that will allow SoC manufacturers to create chip implementations and link them to their solutions.

Open Network Skynet
SKYNET Using Blockchain to interact with IoT devices has a number of advantages. First, devices are always clearly defined and data integrity junction can always be verified. In addition, devices can create a reputation based on past transactions. The devices can distribute loads and exchange data, and use micropayments M2M to reward their services.
To facilitate this global network of connected devices supported by Blockchain, Skynet provides a scalable network called Skynet Open Network (SON).
SON implements a multi-chaining approach that integrates several Blockchain, integrated through the root Blockchain.
SON Fabric is a root Blockchain that you can use to integrate a large number of Blockchain.
SON Nova is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform that allows you to create decentralized applications.
SON Idex-Provides a device identification solution that is capable of providing secure site discovery and IOT device management
Son Singularity is a sub-chain that aims to provide a network of artificial intelligence that consists of decentralized machine learning applications and a market that allows data to be exchanged between devices.

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