SKYFCHAIN Robot cargo without a crew in the air, on land and in the sea can dramatically reduce the cost of logistics throughout the world and increase efficiency for the user industry and end customers.
Although PwC has estimated the market size that can be addressed for aerial drones have been $127 billion 1, limit the industry today including the lack of a stable, credit insurance is expensive and regulations almost banned in some countries not enable it to realize its full potential. Currently, the industry is in the form of a feasibility study carried out by large companies or a company stub. Universal operating platform for the cargo robots does not exist.

Introducing SKYFchain
The operating platform of SKYFchain (hereinafter referred to SKYFchain OP) is based operating platform blockchain B2R (business-to-robot) first apply globally across all industry sectors growing cargo robot. It was originally developed and tested by using the air cargo industry’s first robot-drone SKYF-which will also give you instant access SKYFchain to the base of his clients for the development of business processes without the crew. Then all another unmanned cargo system: in the air, on land and at sea will connect to SKYFchain.

The first feedback from our customers in the oil and gas industry confirmed that if they switch from helicopters onto the cargo drone, they can supply their army rigs and costs 5 to 10 times cheaper.

SKYFchain as blockchain with integrated Intelligent contracts will provide a trusted source of data and reasonable control over assets without a crew for the client, the operator of logistics and leasing, insurance companies, banks, and authorities around the world.

This will uncover new business opportunities that are profitable to all participants of the industry, the transportation system with a lower risk for the community, and increasing affordability of goods and services as a whole because of the huge cost-cutting in global supply chains.

SKYFchain OP Business Models
The current logistics business processes are designed taking into account the human, either as customers or controllers, etc. Autopilot for the robot freighter, AI and the field of IOT development hinted that one day, the robot can work without controlled directly by someone.

This will result in enormous savings because currently, about 50% of the cost of logistics is a labor.

In the field of robotic cargo will require investment, and investment requires insurance, risk management, and control. Thus, the robot cargo without the crew can be an asset that is going to require the kind of regulations and new business processes. We plan to develop it in Operating Platform SKYFchain.
The main goal of the CO-OP is to integrate SKYFchain information for all market participants and manage the execution of the contract-savvy to the transaction. Transactions can vary in value and frequency. The platform will collect a Commission from each transaction. All transactions are paid in USD or other fiat currencies but executed in the system use the SKYFT token.

Token SKYFchain (SKYFT)
SKYFchain OP will use SKYFT-the token utilities issued through the ICO. SKYFT property includes:
 the internal currency of SKYFchain OP required for each transaction,
 Amount of 1 200 000 000 fixed token,
 final price ICO will ~ 0.065 USD per 1 SKYFT,
 SKYFT in accordance with SEC. USA and available to accredited investors US
 Holder blockchain super node harvesting 50% of the transaction costs,
 25% of the cost of the transaction entry to all holders of a token,
 25% of the cost of the transaction entry to Community Development Funds to sustain the development and expansion of the system is constant.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales March 10, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 1 SKYFT = $0.065
Bonus 5%-40%
The total supply of Token 1, 200 million SKYFT

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