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SimplyBrand – Every year, over a billion different products are sold and purchased worldwide, ranging from household and electronic products to clothing and personal hygiene. And every time we acquire something, it is important that the goods conform to the quality described and serve us well. But how to be sure that the purchased goods is of high quality and not counterfeit? Where are the guarantees? That’s what we’ll talk to you about today.

It is hard to believe at first, but the numbers speak for themselves, every year millions of people around the world become victims of counterfeit goods and the most offensive number increases annually. This is due in most cases to the increased growth of e-commerce, which annually increases in its size somewhere by 25%. Thanks to this, most of the Internet users make their purchases through online commerce and as practice shows they most often suffer from the hands of fraudsters, whose goods are counterfeit.

Every year, major world brands are losing over $20 billion a year because of these clandestine producers. At the same time, the damage brought to the people who bought the product is even more. Moreover, there are statistics of such cases when people have acquired fake pharmacological means and have become a victim of a fatal case. Yes, this is no joke, this statistic captures the annual number of these victims and their number is about 700 000 people worldwide. Just imagine the scale of the problem.

The researchers have revealed that China is the largest center of world fakes. Although many countries are attempting to halt the spread of the virus, their results are still limited and have no specific solutions to the problem. But do not be upset before the time, as the team of specialists still found a certain approach, which is able to suspend the “epidemic” of fakes. Therefore I suggest you consider this idea from all sides in more detail.

About the project
The project which strives to solve a number of problems described above is called – Simplybrand. This project is a full range of functions and services that are based on 21st-century technologies and have not only the basis of blockchain technology but also a competent combination of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence.

To understand for whom the given platform is intended, I suggest to familiarize with categories of users to whom it will be advantageous to cooperate with Simplybrand:

1. First of all, I would like to start with the world brands. Their benefit of cooperation with Simplybrand will be that all of their products will be loaded into the ecosystem base, thanks to which everyone will have a unique opportunity to personally verify the authenticity of this product. SimplyBrand  All that is required from the brand owners is to pay a small fee for their participation in the system, and then upload your product to the system blockchain. Everything is extremely simple;

2. The second category of Simplybrand users will consist of the participants themselves, future buyers. That is those people whose principle is guided by love to certain brands and the desire to acquire their original. For participants will be available a whole series of functions thanks to which they can not only make sure of the counterfeit of a particular product but also learn to recognize the fake and original images, as well as to earn a simple action a couple of three coins For their pocket expenses. What I think is a very nice addition;

3. The third category of Simplybrand participants will consist of executive bodies whose main task is to hanging the potential of brands and as effective sales;

4. The fourth category will be all other third parties whose interest coincides with those of the ecosystem for which they are willing to offer their legal or organizational services in dealing with their brands and other important Factors.

Project Features
As for the features and further principles of the work of Simplybrand, I will be glad to describe the moment, why blockchain is able to implement this concept and allow to lead a cleaner game within the framework of online commerce. We all know that blockchain is famous for its permanence and the data that gets into its network remain there forever. This is what the Simplybrand team needs to ensure that all actions within its platform are clean. SimplyBrand  Even if someone downloads a counterfeit product into the system and detects it by analyzing it, the product and the user who published the item once and will always be blacklisted by that space. Thus the whole system share on white partner offer and black.

ICO Details
To ensure that all functions within the platform are implemented quickly and reliably, the Platform developers have decided to use their own token (SBA), which within the framework will allow a variety of functions. It will be used for various types of transactions and payment of payments, as well as its use as a reward for the participants of this platform. The token itself is a token of the EThereum network (ERC-20).

Total token emission 1 billion

At the end of my review, I would like to supplement the foregoing with my personal opinion. I believe that this kind of platform is necessary not only for us but also for world brands, whose reputation depends not only on the quality of products but also on their name. Therefore, with the advent of such a platform, they will be able to control all the problems associated with the clandestine business more specifically, which means that in the near future we can all clean up the market from counterfeit garbage.

Therefore I sincerely believe in the success of this project and I recommend you to familiarize with it more closely. You have every chance to study the concept of simplybrand in more detail, through their technical documentation and official resources, links to which I attach below.

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