Siglo Everyone should have access to internet.

Siglo provides a comprehensive solution for users with prepaid communications in the emerging market, eliminating obstacles that prevent them from participating in the digital economy, such as high cost. Siglo is a decentralized financial and digital platform for Blokchejnov-based integration that allows users to earn daily recharges while traveling, at home, anytime or anywhere. The first application of Siglo is, which has already been installed by 1.2 million users in Mexico and Colombia.

The Siglo sign is a token that allows providers to reward consumers directly through mobile communication in exchange for a service. Siglo badges will solve problems in a symbolic economy in two levels.

The Siglo token allows you to exchange value in Siglo applications, including Mounting networks for data transmission that are tied to the market price in the local market. The exact dates of the ICO or the maximum number of tokens that will be released are not yet published.

Although the company has not yet confirmed, they want to sell 40% of tokens in the ICO. The funds collected through these ISO will be employed to expand and promote the platform. 30% will be stored in the reserve fund to minimize volatility in the token market.

Now Siglo can be used in the application with coins, and the team expects to expand it for use in different markets at a rate that depends on the cost of mobile airtime, the cost of advertising and the cost of local currency.

Siglo is a company based in Gibraltar, which deployed a very talented fourteen staff members from six countries. This management team consists of highly qualified and experienced specialists in the field of information technology, legal, financial, technological, online communication and marketing. Below is a small explanation of several team members.

Joel Phillips and Isaac Phillips co-founders
They have spent several years to identify and explore how users live, think, connect and use the Internet. They visited more than fifty countries.
Joel Phillips graduated from Columbia University’s economy. He founded several mobile applications and marketing startups.
Isaac Phillips is a graduate specialist from the University of Denver. He was a consultant for global telecom companies. He is also a mobile application developer.
Anish Mohammed works as a chief advisor and marketer.
Zev Bimshtejn is a research and strategy manager.
Tanya Pimentel works as a project manager, and Antoine Delanglad works as a business development manager.
Marc Moline, Diego Vargas, Brittany Kaiser, Jeffrey Guy Mroc-Advisors for Siglo, and Gary Ross-legal counsel.

Siglo collaborates with Forbes, Fortune, El Tiempo, Reforma, CNN, El Universal and Entrepreneur for their media events. In the future, they will negotiate with all traders in their field of business to create a developing market for mobile communication.

“Siglo offers brands of scalable solutions for connecting with customers in some of the fastest growing markets in the world, ” said Isaac Phillips, co-founder of Siglo, in a statement. “Transactional Deductions of ecosystem benefits from unchanged and verifiable textbooks on Ethereum blocking, including brand transactions, user transactions, and user-to-user transactions. By tokenization of access to mobile airtime, Siglo allows a larger user to gain unauthorized access to the network by providing incentives to create a decentralized mobile phone. ”

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