Sidera Blockchain Technologies Decentralized Wearable Devices

Sidera – a Good time of day, my dear readers!!! Today I would like to tell you about the interesting project Sidera. And so, let’s start. Sidera is a Blockchain technology that specializes in the production of which has been decentralized devices can be used, then this is a great way for new Zynga in storing and managing cryptographic equipment. The devices are innovative and safe. For example, Bitsmart is one of the devices that use the DWD technology.

This is a new idea that includes smartwatches and smart groups. The technology focuses on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. The idea behind these devices is to provide users with a simple, user-friendly, innovative and secure way to manage the crypto environment.

Similarly, the technology from wrist to wrist ensures that your digital tools are safe around your wrist with full encryption, allowing you to perform transactions in hand to the wrist and many other innovative features

Today, more and more people around the world are starting to use crypto-markets. I think that in the short time cryptocurrency will be ubiquitous. And in my opinion, the project Sidera offers an interesting and Multifunctional project.
Sidera is an absolutely innovative and progressive platform that allows users to make transactions cryptocurrency, using a smartphone, smartwatches and other mobile devices of the device.
#characteristics of the Sidera project:
1. Did the platform use the most advanced technology (Wallet Bitcoin/ERC-20/Blockchain)?
2. The creators offer the ability to store their money using the device Smartbit with NFC modules, which is on the wrist of the user. This device has a multilevel data encryption system that allows securing the purse of any
3. NFC POS payments can be made at any time by “from wrist to wrist ” technology. This technology allows you to send/Receive tokens EQS, bitcoin or any other ERC-20 tokens.
4. Developed and implemented on the platform a huge number of different functions that can be used by any client.
5. Using Mobile Notification function, it is possible to get automatic detection of any transaction address, price alerts, offers etc.
6. Implemented on the platform the most secure system of the hacking personal purse, which has several levels of protection.
7. Bitsmart purse, created by Sidera project team, is the first purse- “Device ” which every client can wear on his wrist.

Token information:
Target: 15 000 000 USD
51 000 000 Token Erc20 Equos
1 USD = 0.5 equos
SOFT CAP: 1.5 million US dollars
(If the soft cap is not reached during the pre-distribution and distribution, the funds will be returned)
HARD CAP: 15 000 000 US dollars
(after reaching hard cap donations will be discontinued)
1% of the attracted funds will be donated to charities.

Sidera As a result, I would like to express my opinion about this project. I think that the project will be able to achieve all the set goals and perhaps in the near future many will use this platform.
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