SID Decentralized Autonomous Global Internet Sharing Platform

Share Internet Data or SID is a decentralized internet sharing ecosystem that enables Internet sharing between smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices that use the same SID system. Under their intelligent platform, SID provides sling, crowdsourcing, and Internet sharing to provide Internet access on a global scale. Users with smartphones get access to the Internet using nearby devices in automatic mode, which hopefully will give a boom of internet access.

The SID platform will provide crypto as a utility token (SIDT) that allows token buyers to pay for Internet access among themselves. The crypto coin is also used to pay for transactions in the SID network. Those who cannot afford tokens can choose another option provided by SID. This solution allows the user to view ads and earn tokens. The tokens can then be used to purchase Internet access. The business model will look to help users from deprived areas to gain access to the Internet.

 Tried and tested. As part of its integration with the application Franchise, Dunkin Donuts SID has developed a solution (Dunkin Coffee), Which eventually became a real success.
 Working product. Besides Dunkin Coffee, SID also has an APP in Play Store and the APP store. This makes it a legitimate and installed product Even before the ICO.
 Patented SID platform developed by two pending patents (2015 and 2017). At this point, it makes the SID system free For use with the Initial Token offering installation to Use tokens to access.
 Humanitarian approach-for their purpose of global connectivity, SID will be Strive to accommodate even the poorest users in the mode of View ads.
 Actual partnership-Several members of the SID advisor from the Other sectors of the ICO enterprises (David Drake, Vladimir Nikitin, and Simon King). In addition, SID technology is working to integrate Large-scale retailers who own petrol stations Stations, and the hotel stops to extend the connection to the Internet of your client.
 Secure smartphones will securely connect to the SID network and Host other supported device SID.

SID has not yet officially published the date of sale of ICO, although there is an obvious private sale, which interested users can get in the form of a whitelist available on the official website.

ICO parameters
Pre-ICO Price-1 EURO = 100 Sidt
Price-1 Sidt = 0.01 EUR
Bonus available
Acceptance-BTC, BCH, BTG, LTC, ETH, XLM, Fiat
Minimum investment-500 euro
Hardkap-80 000 000 euro
Whitelist/KYC-KYC & whitelist
Restricted areas-USA, China

SID token allocation
Token sales-41%
Bounty, referrals, and brokers-8%
Airdrop and Whitelisting-4%
Founders and other participants-20%
Reserve pool of the company-23%

Conclusion :
SID – It is obvious that a large proportion of the population does not have access to the Internet, and SID seeks to eliminate statistics. In general, the project has a real application, and the humanitarian approach adds a lot of legitimacy and leads to the project. It is also impossible to underestimate the possibility of sharing the free internet around the world because potentially this solution can solve one of the most significant problems in the world. Overall, SID remains committed to his goal, and it would be interesting to know whether the ICO will be successful.

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