SHIVOM – As you know, more than 7.6 billion people now living on our planet and all have their own unique DNA code, which allows you to store all the information about the State of human health, his legacy, intelligence intellectual and physical.

With the right approach, modern genomic medicine is able to understand and heal more than 7,000 diseases. For example, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative, infections and cancer. Blockchain use technology not only from the world economy but also in the field of healthcare, it is possible to create a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of the genomic ecosystem.

SHIVOM is a project that uses genetic technology to Build the biggest Genetic Database Database respectively. Shivom will allow donors DNA data to collaborate with the makers of the revolutionary changes in the field of biotechnology, healthcare, industry and research institutes set up by the Government as well as contribute to a medical miracle era unprecedented.
The Purpose Of SHIVOM
Shivom creating blockchain ecosystem genome and will give the market the web open to health service providers to supplement their applications and services along with the data analysis of individual genes and drugs.

Shivom will be a revolution for the preservation of the genetic material.
Blockchain technology is currently the leading technologies in solving problems of our privacy. The ability to provide secure transactions without intermediaries proved useful in many industries including real estate, finance, healthcare and the current genomics. It was clear that a number of companies are betting on the health care needs of genetic data and genetic data in investment to achieve growth.

To achieve the goal of a universal database for DNA sequence, Shivom will use technology blockchain to create a formal and autonomous ecosystem. With this ideology, Shivom will protect sensitive gene data that has not been up to our traditional database. Thus, the health sector will benefit from a wide range of benefits associated with addressing the challenges of secure systems. They include;

– Easy to access and store data of genomes in the same place
– Management and better control of how information is accessed
– Health Researchers can use the information to find information lifestyle
– Ability to identify health conditions before becoming serious
– Allows users to receive value for their data through smart contracts and tokenization

About Token
OmiX token is the key component that allows the purchase, trade, granting of incentives and other services. The token is the fuel of the ecosystem Shivom, as well as part of the governance system. Shivom will distribute 3 billion token OmiX

Sale Token:
Token: OMX
Price of 1 ETH = 7000 OMX
Platform: Ethereum
Dates of ICO: 16.04.2018 – 16.05.2018
Receive: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap: 15,000 ETH
Hard cap: 75,000 ETH
Country: Isle of Man
Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist

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