SHIPIT – NextGen Crowd Express Delivery Platform

SHIPIT project, which is positioned as a new Generation express delivery! Let us consider this project as an overall assessment and attractiveness of the investment. Almost everyone has ever sent or received a parcel, and certainly sometimes faced certain problems, such as costly dispatch, loss or spoiling of content, long waiting time and others. Every day millions of people around the world send parcels and face the same problems.

Of course, at times we have different questions related to the above problems. Everyone wants to send parcels was cheaper to get it safe and sound, reduce the number of intermediaries and so on.

The Shipit project intends to correct such errors by its concept based on sending parcels through travelers and fellow travelers. A created mobile application that will connect shippers and passengers all over the world, helping to find a more economical, fast and reliable solution. And do not forget that this may not be a bad job for travelers.
Shipit combined the best ideas of courier services, Crowdsource, and crowdshipping services. The project uses only the best business models to create a service that can make a sensational breakthrough without having analogs all over the world.

The Shipit project aims to create a platform for express delivery of parcels, which will work on sharing economy, crowd shipping, and blockchain.

Details ICO.
Token Ticker-SHPT
Total Tokens-500 mln. Shpt

Expected fees – 3 mln. Dollars
The maximum fee threshold is 24 mln. Dollars
Token price – 1 SHPT = $0.1
At the moment there is a private sale, which started on May 1, 2018, and will end on June 30, 2018. The bonus at this stage is 55%.

Advantages of the project.
When developing the Shipit project, developers took into account the modern lifestyle, as well as the interests of users who will motivate users to use the product Shipit.
1. Security. In order to make delivery secure and reliable on the platform, there is a deposit, multi verifies, and feedback systems.
2. Convenience. Just specify the address to see your delivery, as well as the possibility of choosing the person who will deliver our package.
3. Simplicity. We will always be able to find among millions of users a person who is near and who is on the way to your parcel.

I also want to note the advantages of using the service for senders and travelers.
1. For senders. This service will save on sending parcels, as well as get a high level of safety and fast delivery.
2. For travelers (companions). For all who likes to travel or just constantly on the road, there will be a new way of additional earnings, which will be a pleasant bonus, as well as make the trip more profitable.
How does it work?
All very simple friends to create an ad we need to make a photo of the item that we want to send, specify where and where to send the parcel, specify the size and cost of the parcel, as well as to assign a price that is willing to pay for Delivery. After that, the system monitors suitable users, with whom you can start a dialogue and choose the most suitable.

At the end of the article I want to say that the project Shipit looks interesting, the idea of the project is very promising and indeed, perhaps soon we will all use the services of this platform.

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