ShareMeAll Marketplace and eSwitch Tokens

Sharemeall started with an idea to allow people to share not only the skills This is an alternative community project focused on the most active online buyer-seller platform. The company Easy Free took into account these wishes to open a virtual market for these exchanges called Sharemeall. The company offers a whole system for exchange where users will be able to exchange services, objects and anything at all.

Sharemeall and Eswitch Tokens is an alternative community project for exchanging not only skills and experience, but also objects, for example, even in whole or in part their home, car, etc. This will allow each user to offer and use everything for Exchange that only one can imagine today.

The principle of the platform Sharemeall: the principle of the platform Sharemeall is to earn Eswitch to get the service, the object. It will also be possible to transfer this eswitch to the cryptocurrency purse to convert them to another cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. To do this, Sharemeall created bridges between the customer account of the site and various existing portfolios: Coinbase, Binance, Jaxx, Coinomi, Myetherwallet. In addition, the module for converting Eswitch in foreign currency (Euro/dollars or any other currency) and another cryptocurrency will be configured. Everything will be based on practice and experience. For the convenience of all operations and transactions will be used cryptocurrency eswitch.

How will be used Eswitch: Eswitch will be used only for participation and access to auctions, conducted with the help of technology of company Easy Free and its website After you create this auction network, Eswitch can be used in a variety of ways. It is specified that Eswitch will not be used until the full development of the site. However, they will be able to exchange freely as soon as they become available.

How Sharemeall will work: Users of the service will offer their services or products to the community for a certain amount of eswitch. Once the service is completed or the product is distributed, the number of Eswitch will be transferred from one portfolio to another through blockchain. Thus, any transfer from one portfolio to another will be secured by a clever contract.

Sharemeall token Distribution: It is planned to create and distribute 60 million Eswitch tokens.
60% of tokens or 36 000 000 will be stored in Easy Free in reserve.
25% of tokens, or 15 000 000, will be sold at the time of sales.
10% of tokens, or 6 000 000, will be distributed free of charge to interested parties who have contributed to the success of the commercial transaction. Of these, 5% Bounty/Advisors
5% tokens, or 3 000 000, will be available in reserve.

ICO Eswitch:
Ticker: Eswitch
Platform: Ethereum
Pre-ICO Dates: 15.01.2019-14.03.2019
ICO Sales Date: 15.01.2019-14.03.2019
Token type: ERC20 token Price: 0.80 EUR
Min. The purpose of the collection (Soft Cap): 2 000 000 EUR
Max. The goal of the collection (Hard Cap): 7 500 000 EUR
Eswitch tokens on Pre-ICO and ICO can be used with the help of such currencies: BTC, ETH, EUR, USD.
Team Country: France
KYC: Needed.

Sharemeall  Eswitch will become a cryptocurrency new system for the exchange of goods and services, in which people and these universal values will be the center. Sharemeall Marketplace and Eswitch Tokens is an alternative community project for sharing and sharing not only skills but also items, wholly or partly their home, their car, etc. This will allow everyone to share and use everything you can Imagine, today you can share or share. Everything will be based on practice and experience

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