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Sharemeall Everyone has intellectual or manual talents, know-how. It is the exchange of this knowledge, these abilities provide sharemeall. Users who have registered on the site can invite the community to share their skills. They just need to specify the compensation they want to receive in Eswitch. Once a transaction has been made between two members of the community, the account is automatically and securely translated from the blockchain. From this point on, the user who has offered his skills or services will be able to use his eswitch on the Sharemeall platform to use the services, facilities, etc. It can also change, depending on the daily exchange rate, its eswitch in euros or Dollars and transfer it to your bank account.

The principle of the Sharemeall platform is to earn Eswitch to obtain a service object. It will also be possible to transfer this eswitch to the cryptocurrency purse to convert them to another cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. To do this, Sharemeall created bridges between the customer account of the site and various existing portfolios: Coinbase, Binance, Jaxx, Coinomi, Myetherwallet. In addition, the module for converting Eswitch in foreign currency (Euro/dollars or any other currency) and another cryptocurrency will be configured.

Therefore, there is no need to have equity for investment. Common objects, skills, suggestions for accommodation, etc., are very simple thanks to the platform. Of course, any investment is risky, but in the context of the Sharemeall project, users significantly limit this risk, because ultimately, in the event of a loss, it will be limited to Eswitch’s winnings and invested through exchange with other members. Thanks to the Sharemeall platform, the world of cryptocurrency is opened for investors who have not had access before.

Eswitch will be used only for participation and access to auctions conducted with the help of the technology of the company Easy Free and its website After you create this auction network, Eswitch can be used in a variety of ways. It is specified that Eswitch will not be used until the full development of the Sharemeall. However, they will be able to exchange freely as soon as they become available.

Easy Free will allow other Web sites and platforms to use Esitchas a virtual currency exchange. However, to use Eswitch on its platform of exchange, mutual assistance or commercial platform will require the prior consent of the company Easy Free. Easy Free has the right to refuse the introduction of Eswitch on specific platforms that do not conform to the general idea outlined in the joint project. service users will offer their services or products to the community for a certain amount of eswitch. Once the service is completed or the product is distributed, the number of Eswitch will be transferred from one portfolio to another through blockchain. Thus, any transfer from one portfolio to another will be secured by a clever contract.

To speed up the launch of the platform, when you create an account with Sharemeall, you can offer services or products to the community. Depending on the number of services and goods offered, the user will be assigned the Eswitch number in his portfolio. The maximum eswitch limit earned for each account will be set to avoid the false benefits or services provided by the platform. In case of fraud detection, Easy free will be entitled, as stated in the general terms and conditions, to immediately punish the user until the cancellation of the Eswitch enrollment.

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