Sgame Pro  Platform is designed as the first mobile game system on the basis of cryptocurrency, which allows users to use a cryptographic token and earn real money at the same time playing video games.

How to play the game Sgamepro, Crypto Mine for making money
Basically, it is the first mobile game aggregator that was built in Blokchejne, which gives users the ability to easily use a cryptographic token by playing the most popular game in the world. One of the biggest statements made by the company is the partnership they have made with Pewdiepie, the most successful YouTube star in the world.

If you really want to participate in a platform based on video games, you can join them in Telegram and download and read all official documents on the company’s website. Not only that, but also not about Sgame Pro, supported by Eidoo and ICO Engine.

Our main player mission is to provide an unsurpassed user experience for players where they can play their favorite games while my token is “SGM”. Players participate in a completely new way, as they are rewarded for their game live. Players will be able to use SGM to call each other, to exchange large volumes of digital and physical goods in the domestic market sgame Pro and in the digital shop of the publisher. Players will be able to transfer SGM from their internal switch to the external purse ERC-20, compatible at any time.
For publishers
Publishers will be offered new ways of revenue streams by sharing their tasks. To put this into context, by 2017 in multiplayer games more than 800 billion calls are played. In addition, publishers have a simple and innovative way to promote the game, they have the opportunity to get rewarded players with premium payouts in SGM, to reward specific tasks and directly involve influential Sgame pro. This is an unprecedented access to key influential individuals such as Pewdiepie, and providing publishers with free global marketing.

For influential People
We allow Influencers to monetize its followers through a referral system that generates a continuous revenue stream for each prospect, regardless of whether the prospect remains a successor to the Influencer in the long Run. Each referral will be rewarded with a part of the SGM received by newly introduced players, for an indefinite period of time and regardless of whether the player remains a follower or not. The award for influential players is paid directly sgame Pro and is not subtracted from the entered player.

For traders
We provide merchants with an unprecedented economic scale and offer full access to several publishers at once, leading to high-quality and comprehensive user data through the participation of players on the platform. The player’s profile will be a cross-game, providing more intelligent targeting capabilities. Sgame Pro provides a simple and cost-effective way for sellers to promote their products through the Marketplace and special offers.

Sgamepro SGM Token ICO 

On the company’s website, there is a whitelist which you can also log in. The total volume of token sales was set at 194.5 mm and sales amounted to 139.5 mm and sales to 55 million. The main sale of tokens will begin at the end of June 2018. The whitelist gives you information about everything that happens to the company, such as dates, statistics, special numbers, and numbers.

The publisher of the token is Sgame SA, a company based in Switzerland. The symbol for the platform is SGM, which runs on the standard ERC20 token platform used by Ethereum. The initial sale of the company’s tokens begins in June 2018 at a price of CHF, starting from 10 days before the sale of the main token. There is also an exchange rate for ETH/CHF, which will start 24 hours before the ICO.

The main currency used to run the platform is Ether, one of the necessary parts of the project is KYC.
Token distribution
Total offer size: 350 000 000
Private sales: 139, 59, 9999
Main sale: 55,000, 000SG
M Reserve of liquidity: 83 000 000
Accept Issuer: 51
000.00 founders: 15 000 000
Adresatory and Founders: 15000.00 Bounty Locomotives: 6 500 000

The company is designed to help players get prizes with their new token, SGM, while players play games to get a reward for the game. Games that are used are also not universal games, they are some of the most popular games on the market. Basically, it concerns mobile games for the most part. In addition, the SGM platform is basically the only way to play the game through the system itself.

In principle, the platform is the only way to process Sol solutions or transactions across the platform. You can learn more about the powerful new technologies on the website where they have all the information they need to start when you choose the right game for you.

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