SEYBLOCK Decentralized Escrow System , Annoymous ,Traceable Transactions and News Platform

Seyblock – The Seyblock project has launched a decentralized BLOCKCHAIN escrow platform that gives investors income and profit with minimal risk. With a decentralized Seyblock deposit platform, participants receive their investments through the provision of services without any risk. Can you imagine investing in a cryptocurrency platform without any form of risk? This is what the Seyblock platform has begun to offer to investors by neutralizing all the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. Most of the centralized platform, which uses different investments for the participant, does not have some qualities and features that make it difficult for the investor and crypto-enthusiasts to patronize them. Some of these issues include the scalability problem.

Today, the Seyblock platform has provided us with a decentralized escrow platform that works without the involvement of third party agents.
Some feature of a decentralized seyblock platform that makes it better than another platform of its kind; Decentralized escrow system, chained chain transactions, anonymous transaction, news platform Introduction.

To improve the project, the Seyblock project is based on a network that has a positive impact on the progress and development of the project. Running a project on the blockchain platform will help fix the scalability problem linking another project launched on another blockchain platform. Since we know that the STELLAR blockchain platform was the best of all other platform blocks due to its fast transaction and confirmation, it is a worldwide implementation and low transit fees in the blockchain network. High fares, a slow transaction, and a scalability problem are what another project has struggled with another network of the blockchain. With Seyblock on a blockchain, I can guarantee that a smooth transaction will be between Seyblock members.

Some of the functions adopted by the Seyblock project for the convenience of users and investors on the platform include the introduction of a profit calculator on the platform, which will help users and investors to know how much profit will be received from the amount invested in Platform. This is one of the features that was missing on another platform as a result of the lack of transparency on other platforms.

The Seyblock calculator will give investors and users more information about how much, when and how the profits will be paid. The daily profit will be paid to the users and investors on the platform through commissions received from users and transactions of the participant.
The implementation of the Seyblock platform around the world will be very simple thanks to the use of blockchain technology. Seyblock The Seyblock project has adopted advanced block security measures to counter the problem of hackers and attacks occurring with the entire cryptocurrency platform. Thanks to the improved technology adopted by Seyblock, project participants and users can continue their transactions and transactions without fairness that have been hacked or attacked. Most project team members always hide their details and information that crypto-lovers are concerned about the legitimacy of the projects.

While the Bitcoin and huge scalability problems Ethereum Stellar find solutions that triggered one of the most impressive growth in the industry Blockchain. With Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) Seyblock can reach it.
Stellar using tools and techniques of public-key cryptography industry standard, which means the code has been tested and well understood. All transactions on the network are public, which means movement of funds can always be audited. Each transaction is signed by anyone who is sent using the Ed25519 algorithm.
SCALABILITY issues a conservative estimate the rate of processing of Seyblock is 1000 operations per second. Stellar network distributed consists of a server that is running software Stellar Core. Stellar Core store local copies of the big book network, communicate and keep in sync with other examples of Stellar Cores in the network.
SEYBLOCK team has proven to be the best so far because of the knowledge and skills they collect to ensure the success of this project which confirms their validity.

Seyblock token Distribution: command: 6% tokens.
Development: 17%
Airdrop and Bounty: 33% of tokens
Tokens for sale on stock Exchanges: 44% of tokens

These are forecasted prices, which the coin will reach in the market within 5 months: 1 month, Price: 0.8 USD
2 month, Price: 2.37 USD
3 month, Price: 2.70 USD
4 month, Price: 3.50 USD
5 month, Price: 4.21 USD

ICO Seyblock:
Abbreviated name Seyblock: SBL
There will be 30 mln. Seyblock tokens.
The purpose of the fees (Soft cap): 5,000,000.00 $
Purpose of Fees (Hard cap): 15,000,000.00 $
Seyblock token price on ICO: $0.02
Seyblock Platform: Stellar
Seyblock Location: Switzerland
Seyblock coins on ICO you can buy using: XML

Seyblock The implementation of the Seyblock platform around the world will be very simple thanks to the use of blockchain technology. The Seyblock project has adopted improved security measures to counter the problem of Hawks.

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