SETHER Blockchain’s First Intelligent Social Marketing Platform

SETHER– ask a marketing experts in the world, and he’ll tell you that, publicity by word of mouth is the most effective media to market their products. The problem is to find a way to convince customers to do the dirty work for you. There is a lot of effort to do this in the past, by creating more value or by giving special discounts and referral bonuses, but earlier no contract blockchain and smart used to accomplish this task.
Sether try build a platform that, with the help of technology blockchain, may encourage the creation of loyalty among customers, implement marketing campaigns and also study the behaviour of customers in a variety of social networking. Undeniable the fact that social media promotion is almost equal to, if not more, important than the traditional forms of marketing that includes television, billboards

So how does this work?
Sether is formed based on the idea that by combining data from the social media platform and technology block contract, the company may see a better marketing results. Sether is oracle a smart social media data, the first of its kind, which means that instead of moving data between an external source and blockchain Sether, also track and analyze data from social media platform, enabling smart contracts to function properly.

But what’s a Smart Contract?
Smart contract is a contract that gives itself the implementing way of dispute resolution that are faster, cheaper and safer than traditional contracts.Smart contract is dependent on data from real world sources to determine whether the contracts should be run or not. And a great book that decentralized means that there are no intermediaries involved in this system.

But, how do companies make use of this technology? There are various possibilities of use case for companies to use technology Sether.

Create loyalty among customers.
For example, the company’s digital marketing campaign run XYX and decided to ask its customers to Tweet using the hashtag to promote certain why they love the brand.
The company then use smart contracts to set certain parameters, such as any customer who uses the hashtag tweets more than 5 times gets a 10% discount when they use their products. By doing this, not only automatic processes but even customers confident that they will be rewarded because of spreading positive messages about the brand.

Target the right customer segments
Let alone brand XYZ can give the prize to customers who spread the message of brand XYZ through tweets, status updates or comments. Now, firms were asked Customers can be encouraged to promote the brand XYZ in the social media platform of their choice and then smart contracts can automatically track the customers who have been doing it for quite some time and give awards to those with give you a discount.

Parameters that are bound to a marketing campaign
XYZ brands can use smart contracts to set specific targets for the promoters or their marketing executives to achieve it. This goal could be to get a number of followers in the platform or a positive public reaction. Contract intelligent Sethers give can track data on the social media platform to determine whether the target has been reached and then in accordance with such payment.

Monitor how the references do
Brand XYZ does not need to monitor whether their promoters in the program references remain in compliance with their promises. They can only make a contract and by doing this, both parties can get the reward, after the promise fulfilled.

Provide incentives to members of the PR
Whenever brand XYZ wants their in-house Department to deliver results, they can make smart contracts that would give the award to the team of PR if the product gets positive feedback from the community. Rewards can be in the form of regular payments or bonuses as well.

Gamify experience
XYZ brands social media engagement could encourage their followers through a simple game in which they can ask them to do specific tasks such as sending a message or tweet using certain keywords and then tell the a story about how to help the product to them. And then based on the response, provide promotional discounts. All of this can be traced by using the blockchain and smart contracts.

The solution off – blockchain
There are more applications contract and blockchain in the domain of intelligent marketing however Set have provided models of off-blockchain also, where companies can use and integrate their applications using social network APIS, which will They provide.

This can be used to send a message directly, react to certain keywords and even find out who the influencers in social media. All this is done automatically via their system. To facilitate the use of the blockchain although their platform, Sethers will use token SETH.

About ICO
For ICO, 100 million token SETH will be issued. Of these, one quarter allotted to pre-ICO and 30% reserved for ICO. Investors currently offered the added bonus of 40%. ICO will start on the 15th of January 18 and is scheduled to be run the next day after that.

35% of the total issued token are reserved for the use of community, beta testers and strategic partners, and in tokennya will be diluted 7% each year to support research and product development in the future.

1 Seth worth 0.003 ETH. Hard cap set at 165,000 token, but no close software on ICO.
The minimum contributions set of 0.1 ETH and investors can also use the BTC, LTC and DASH to follow ICO.

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