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SEND – Cryptocurrency has opened a new market, which reached 11.4 B USD in transactions daily and shows the value of decentralization and freedom to do the Exchange. However, price fluctuations caused by speculation has been one of the obstacles preventing the adoption of blockchain technology in General.

Change the value of the fast up to 15% in a single day has caused cryptocurrency to be considered as an asset of high volatility rather than a stable currency. The cryptocurrency decentralized infrastructure produce prices that depend on market forces and increase the vulnerability of speculation by individuals that are aimed at manipulating market conditions and money holder through the release of emotions News and market manipulation.

The Goal Of The Project Is SEND
The combination of negative factors — high volatility, speculation, and a lack of user-friendliness — in the use of cryptocurrency to prevent mass adoption. Therefore, need to be developed for new types of digital assets that overcome these challenges. Although there is not a unique solution, the process of obtaining and using cryptocurrency should be simplified to improve the negative image and raise awareness by integrating more users into the market economy. To change digital assets into account (money) which is widely accepted and widely used, assets should be moving through the five stages here.
 TSP as the consensus price Mechanism concept: designed and set-up.
 TSP as an asset: the Token is released and the price becomes a function of the market power arising from a large number of transactions are being used rather than the efforts of one group or any person; and there is an intention that the TSP will be released only after the support of founders Send and the other tied her ceased to be material in determining the price or value of from SDT, which has the power of marketing, such as meeting the needs and determine the liquidity of the whole network.
 the power of community: the individual and the Organization to adopt the token and add liquidity to the network through regular transactions
 mass Adoption: Community users and third-party applications that contribute to a developed solid and strong market
 TSP: TSP Functions as money that is recognized globally as a repository of value, as a means of Exchange, and as a unit of account

SEND Tokens (TSP)
Digital asset token is designed to represent the consensus of a stable and dynamic price resulting from the process of discovery of liquidity. Unlike today’s digital assets, which is set by the floating price defined by the unregulated market is very vulnerable to speculation, manipulation of demand, and high volatility, TSP-related mechanisms of consensus prices define the value of the representative from this digital assets in the Consensus to send. Period. Initially, the TSP is expected to apply the standard token ERC20 and is on the public network Ethereum. The application of TSP will serve as a token reference to the community send. Send Foundation retains the right to migrate to a new blockchain protocol that strengthens features of TSP and Send Forming Network. During the process of discovery of liquidity with the ERC20 token, Send the Foundation will bear the following responsibilities:
 Monitor and report about the conditions for joining the network send a consensus.
 the Audit Forming members of the Network to reduce the risk of price manipulation.
 Publish, maintain and update the formula consensus and price algorithm.
 Use a collection of gifts to encourage the use of the Send token (TSP) through a system of open and common rules.
SEND token will implement special features which will enable transactional ecosystem completely transparent. TSP implemented the standard ERC20 and can be burned by the holder of the token.

Signed Transactions
The verified address will provide a transparent mechanism to indicate to the world the Consensus Network liquidity. Members of the Network Consensus will have the address white list are authorized by Send Foundation that will allow them to sign deals with Exchange rates. Standard allowance mechanism similar to ERC20, this logic also enhances the privacy of the user, because the user 1 does not need to know the address or identity of the user 2.

Built-in Escrow System
SEND escrow will allow third-party applications to build secure transactional applications that protect the user’s funds. Escrow transaction lock users in a number of specific tokens into the escrow contract

to certain transactions to protect both parties from fraud. The token is locked will only be released in 2 cases: Dengan the third-party address authorization: Arbitrator escrow, based on internal application logic can complete escrow at any time, send the token to the recipient or unlock the account in the Klaim of origin. the token returned after the escrow time has ended: for prevents loss of token because of human error, users can unlock their token after the escrow expired if the arbitrator does not perform any action. The transaction was done through an escrow system can be signed with the exchange rate if the address is the address verified escrow in Forming the Network. To implement a transaction-based escrow, arbitrators should make a new entry in the escrow contract that sets out the amount to be transferred and the origin and destination addresses. Then the poster Fund Escrow with the right amount of which makes it active.
A Voting Mechanism

Send address can create polls, giving a time frame and a minimum number of tokens required to vote. Each user that meets the conditions can opt for a long period, all votes are logged to blockchain and can be taken with a simple query. This mechanism is designed to empower the holder of the token in the relevant decisions to Send Foundation and other organizations that supported the community. To provide a secure mechanism and avoid manipulation, the token will make a snapshot account balance when there is an active poll, this snapshot is only updated when a user votes or execute transactions, this minimizes the cost of gas from computing and storage of snapshot.
The Mechanism Of The Vesting
In our system, supply the token are modeled through model vesting where total supply the token will be archived after 7 years. This means there is a limit to how many tokens that can be taken from the wallet of contract vesting over time. If the address got 10 tokens TSP provided up to 10 months, this address will be able to take 1 token after the first month, 5 tokens after 5 months and 10 tokens after 10 months.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales-
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 1 tsp = $0.2
Bonus 30%
The total supply of Token 700.00.000 TSP

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