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Securypto is a blockchain startup, which is focused on anonymous storage and transmission of encrypted data, as well as on monetization of anonymous content distribution. The goal of the project developers is to ensure safe operation on the Internet, protect users from hackers and fraudsters and provide reliable network security against any cyber threats.

With all the modern problem of the Internet Securypto provides anonymity of the user, as well as secure data transfer. Developers create a product with fundamentally new protocols of storage of transmission and processing of data of users, which reliably protect not only correspondence or personal data, but also will provide safe storage of digital assets. The Zerocoin technology and the use of secure wizards in conjunction with the distributed blockchain registry allows users to encrypt their data on the internet and keep them anonymous. In addition, the team plans to run a content distribution mechanism with the ability to receive rewards for this work.

The internet is one of the most useful tools that have been created in the modern world. It has made our life much simpler and more convenient and now we can not even imagine how we could do our habitual business without access to the network. The internet is ubiquitous in all areas of human activity and, despite its obvious benefits and advantages, there is still a considerable percentage of likelihood of encountering scammers or hackers on the network.

Cybercrime is very common and is used mainly to obtain personal data of the user or to steal his passwords from accounts and purses. When the attacker receives this information, they can dispose of it as they please: Access the bank account or the victim’s crypto-currency purse or sell the stolen personal data to the interested parties. Securypto Hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities and testing different security systems to find weaknesses.

You can read a lot of information about cybercrime and thousands of ways to protect yourself. But the problem is that cybercrime does not stand still and every time we invent more and more inventive and unexpected ways of committing crimes.

The Securypto project team creates a comprehensive product that works on several levels of security, thereby providing multi-factor protection for users and their personal data. Let’s take a closer look at each ecosystem element:

1.hardware part. It is responsible for its own development device-Digisafeguard (DSG). This is a special device designed to work with the Securypto protocol. It operates not only as a hardware wallet, but also has many additional features. DSG is created using the AES 256-bit encryption technology, which is theoretically invulnerable. The device is autonomous, therefore, has no connection with the outside world and can not be hacked from outside. The RSA 4096 key that is generated on the device is used to encrypt the data. All these degrees of protection in conjunction with the Securypto software and operating in the distributed Blockchain Registry provide maximum security and confidentiality.

2. Programme part. Securypto Software is designed to take into account some key features such as usability for the end user, open source, privacy and, of course, security. Soft Securypto is compatible not only with the device Digisafeguard but also available for use in Linux, Windows, Andriod, and IOS. That’s why you can make a reliable storage from any smartphone or PC.

3. Blockchain. Trust in third parties has never been trusted by users because it endangers their privacy. The use of blockchain technology allows Securypto to provide security and transparency to all its users. This system of the organization also creates opportunities for the management of paid content, which allows users to receive rewards for downloadable content. Securypto uses the PivX blockchain with its Zerocoin protocol, which supports privacy with the help of a map node and a clustering mechanism.

4. Tokens. Like most other projects based on blockchain technology, Securypto also uses its own digital currency, the SCU token. This is a utility token, which is used for anonymous transmission of encrypted data on the Securypto platform, as well as for monetization of content. Currently, SCU is an ERC-20 standard token. Later, with the launch of the main network of the project, it will be necessary to make a swap for new SCU tokens.

Securypto When it comes to security, we want to use the most reliable method or technology to provide maximum protection.. But the most effective way, in my opinion, is to use several protection options at once, which operate at different levels. For example, a product that is offered to us by the Securypto project team.

A high-tech mix of software and hardware protection that works in conjunction with a distributed registry can make a serious competition with modern ways of storing and communicating information. The Securypto product not only provides unsurpassed security and privacy, which is achieved by using advanced encryption protocol but also makes the platform open and transparent, with the help of modern Blockchain technology.

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