Securix – A Token Driven Mining Company

Securix  Anyone who has ever heard of cryptocurrency, or Bitcoin, in particular, is also familiar with the concept of “mining”. More than that, many of Kriptojentuziastov not just familiar, but also deal with it. Mining is the process of “mining” cryptocurrency assets. Back in the middle of 2017, the hype around this topic was just huge. In the world, there was such a big request for mining devices that they just lacked, and accordingly, the price for them rose several times. But as it turned out, this process does not guarantee the lightning-fast earning, as many thought, and its effectiveness depends on many factors, namely: the high cost of devices for mining and its maintenance, cost of power consumption, the situation on the market cryptocurrency, and the fluctuation of its price. It is also very important how legal is the use of devices for the production of Kriptosredstv, as in different countries the legislation on this issue is different. Thus, it is fair to note that mining has enough problems and does not always guarantee a profit. But, the team of the project Securix offers to look at this process differently.

About the project
Securix is a company whose main activity is focused on Bitcoin mining. But its peculiarity is that its users will be able to receive monthly passive earnings in cryptocurrency. The project team aims to create a transparent structure in which the user will only need to buy Srxio tokens in order to earn revenue. There is no need to take any more action. Thus 45% of the extracted cryptocurrency will be distributed between the holders of these tokens. But immediately, it should be noted that the distribution of profits will occur in ETH. This is due to the fact that the project will work on just the Blokchejne Jefiriuma. Creating fairly simple conditions for earning, the company Securix will popularize cryptocurrency, and increase the number of its users. The team will use mining devices located in the Netherlands (the choice of this country is due to several factors, namely: high power factor-the minimum amount of time of absence of energy and interruption Energy consumption in Europe; High level of infrastructure; Optimal conditions for doing business). Photo of the premises where the equipment will be placed see below.

What are the features of Securix worth noting? First, all processes of mining cryptocurrency, statistics, the analysis will be tracked through special programs in the central Dispatch. The Technical department team will be able to react quickly to the problems with the equipment operation. Secondly, great attention is paid to the issues of protection and fire safety. The facility has modern protection systems and will be monitored by security personnel 24 hours a day. Modern fire-fighting systems are also present, and fire-resistant material will be used for many objects. Third, the developers promise us that all the data will be safe. For this purpose, the team provides specialists who will restrict access to information as well as to systems of mining equipment from malicious programs and possible hacker attacks. Fourth, the system of creation of optimum temperature mode for the achievement of the maximal efficiency of work “miners” is foreseen.

In addition, for users will be released mobile application Securix
MEGA VAULT WALLET. It will execute the purse function for Srxio tokens. This way, users can track and manage their wallet balance in real time. In addition, this application will be able to find information about the monthly amount of bitcoin extracted, as well as the current capacity of the equipment. To create a full ecosystem, the internal exchange (DCE Exchange) will be launched, where users will be able to sell or buy some crypto, or change them to Fiat means.

The project team plans to conduct actions in the future to increase the price of the Srxio token, as well as to increase the efficiency of their company. 10% of gross income will be allocated to this process on a monthly basis. These funds may be directed to either redeeming their own tokens on the stock exchanges and further burning them or to modernize or increase the number of necessary equipment.

Using tokens
The Srxio token (created on Blokchejne Ethereum) will be used by Securix’s clients to receive passive earnings. As mentioned earlier, only buying tokens Srxio, you can become a client of this company and claim for monthly payments. 45% of the extracted cryptocurrency will be distributed among users. 10%, as already mentioned, will be aimed at improving the position of the token in the Bitcoins market, or on the modernization of the equipment. 37% will be used to pay for electricity, consumables and other technical costs. And only 8% will be considered the profit of the company Securix.

Selling tokens
Presale-August 4, 2018-September 6, 2018
Token-Sale-September 7, 2018-October 31, 2018
Token Price-$1
The minimum amount of fees is $3 000 000
The maximum amount of fees is $42 350 000
Tokens created — 55 000 000 Srxio (unsold tokens will be burned)

Token distribution:
77%-For sale
15%-Founders (blocked for a year, they will be available 5% of the total amount per month)
6%-research and development of the project

Conclusion :
To accept or not to take part in a token sale everyone should decide independently. Before making any conclusions, it is necessary to ask a question, what problems this project solves, and how interesting it will be for users. The Securix team really offers the conditions in which any user can get income from mining cryptocurrency, while not delving in all the subtleties of the process, and simply buying a token srxio. This really simplifies the process of crypto accumulation, creating conditions for the greater popularization of cryptocurrency and their wider dissemination. Of course, this idea is not new, but the developers offer us a transparent structure, without hidden commissions and payments. Investors should pay attention to the competition in this direction, and to the roadmap, according to which the full work of the project should start in January next year.

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