Bitcoin Wallet Best 2017

Bitcoin Wallet Best 2017 We are launching the bounty campaign for our ICO dedicated for everyone who wants to join our community and build the 1st blockchain Plaese support our project here

ALPHATECA – Hello everyone, this was a great day with a very interesting life project… Alphateca has read this article to better understand the back seat, the project, and its benefits. Alphateca-An encryption global market where every user can fulfill the function as buyer and seller or seller of all […]

AFRICUNIA introduces an innovative banking model that enables the use of digital currency without the risks and obstacles associated with the transfer of ownership and trading and crypto token. For ICO africunia open for investment. Africunia is a closed-end fund third generation that uses Blockchain Technology. to create banks and […]

SPINDLE Virtual currency Cryptocurrency (‘ cryptocurrency ‘) became widely known by the general public in Japan through Mt Gox incidents in the year 2014. Bitcoin topics are taken up by the media of Japan; However, it focuses on discussions about the existence of the law. Thus, Bitcoin introduced as “object n” […]

IQeon The rapid growth in the number of mobile devices will certainly cause an increase in the number of mobile applications and gaming users. According to Newzoo 2017 Global Mobile Market Report, early in 2017, the number of smartphone users exceeded 2.3 billion, or 31% of the total world population. […]

GIMMER Trade and investment in the criptocurrency can be time consuming and complex. You need to understand the complexity of trade and market criptocurrency complexity that is thriving and it is very easy to change. In order to be successful with your trading, you need to constantly monitor your trading. […]

PodOne Some of the biggest problems facing contact centers include exorbitant technological costs; complex and costly workforce; lack of work experience; And the solution of service-related problems. The Podone team, which has received the Fenero Award, is already successfully engaged in technological issues of the industry, finding a way to […]