Bitcoin To Usd January 2017

Bitcoin To Usd January 2017 We are launching the bounty campaign for our ICO dedicated for everyone who wants to join our community and build the 1st blockchain Plaese support our project here

AFRICUNIA introduces an innovative banking model that enables the use of digital currency without the risks and obstacles associated with the transfer of ownership and trading and crypto token. For ICO africunia open for investment. Africunia is a closed-end fund third generation that uses Blockchain Technology. to create banks and […]

CryptF creates a new set of cryptocoins, was first supported by the stocks and bonds. We present an opportunity for all social classes to participate in the global financial market. Past the limitations of geographical trading, the need for a bank account, and a costly middle-men. The concept is I […]

RepuX is a framework-level protocols (“protocols of RepuX”) in which various types of data that does not change can be and exchanged among the various collectors, developers, and corporate users. RepuX protocols combine several technologies such as InterPlanetary decentralized File System (or IPFS), Sia, Ethereal, EOS, and offers the potential […]

HONOR  coin is a sign that consider innovation blockover etereum. This is a fundamental component in the stage new Jubs depicted in this venture. Clients with HONOR can redeem it for the administration of contracts, win it on stage, exploit their Jubs in administration for additional expert registered or offer […]

REALTYCOIN is a new project from a company that’s been long standing and has been famous with their headquarters in santiago, Chile. Realtycoin trying memanfa’atkan blockchain popularity and created for the purpose of the RTC coin buying property at the lowest price all over the world and after that they […]

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