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Bitcoin To Dollars Graph We are launching the bounty campaign for our ICO dedicated for everyone who wants to join our community and build the 1st blockchain Plaese support our project here

FAMEONE  – Welcome to the review, which I present to all of you in search of information, and knowing that the project Fameone-is a new online platform based on block links, which connects models, photographers, stylists and customers from all over the world on a single platform, Currently managed by […] At the moment its capitalization amounts to several billions of dollars. Due to virtual currencies in recent time, a huge number of millionaires, whose age does not exceed 30 years. That is why many investors are eager to use the cryptocurrency market to get maximum profit. To achieve this […]

AFROCHAIN – Greetings to you dear readers. Always happy to share with you the most promising ideas and startups from the world of cryptocurrency. They are created to facilitate our life with you, and to change the world in the future. In 2017, for the first time in five years, […]

CYBR – The decentralized network has become a “breath of fresh air” for many organizations. Indeed, it solves a lot of problems, excludes falsification of data, changes of the information entered in it and some kinds of fraud. Let’s dwell on the last paragraph, namely the word “some”. Why is […]

SOAR – You probably noticed that in recent years the interest in crypto or as they are called drones has grown very much. Today many people already know about them. These devices are used for various purposes: for personal use as a toy for amateur filming, for military purposes-everything is […]

Cardonio is a fee for the front line, which must be mandatory for each Bitcoin holder and cryptocurrency currency. In addition, it is ideal for every person who burns cash out of money around the world. Basically, collected as a response for people from the cryptocurrency group, what makes Kardonio […]