Bitcoin Price Will Crash

Bitcoin Price Will Crash We are launching the bounty campaign for our ICO dedicated for everyone who wants to join our community and build the 1st blockchain Plaese support our project here

MARK. SPACE – Orinofilm, the first novel depicting the virtual reality (VR), written in the sixties by the science fiction writers Lino Aldani Italy. About 25 years ago, science fiction novels of Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash was published. In the novel, Stephenson presented the concept of the metaverse-common room together […]

TRADE.IO – With many markets including the US market which is always high, it’s easy to forget the year 2008. As well known, in the year 2008, the market is performing well and growing global economic boom, until one moment Lehman Brothers crashed, the financial system froze, and the world’s […]