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Bitcoin Price Watch We are launching the bounty campaign for our ICO dedicated for everyone who wants to join our community and build the 1st blockchain Plaese support our project here

Sidera – a Good time of day, my dear readers!!! Today I would like to tell you about the interesting project Sidera. And so, let’s start. Sidera is a Blockchain technology that specializes in the production of which has been decentralized devices can be used, then this is a great […]

Gabrotech – Greetings, readers! Recently I was told about the project Gabrotech, it is about loyalty programs. Loyalty programs have always been popular with customers who purchase both in life and online stores. But in most cases, buyers either do not receive their rewards and bonuses or are faced with […]

ENDO – When meeting with such projects, you feel physical as the world becomes cleaner, more transparent, more honest. In the soul comes to the hope that soon the good will finally win the evil, as in good fairy tales, and all will heal happily ever after. Today we will […]

Tachain is a new Blokchein-based platform that can be used to provide comprehensive and targeted services to commercial advertisers while ensuring full security and full use of their transport application. With its broad functionality, the ecosystem is in a unique position to guide its mission to the creation of the Blockchain […]

Codex Protocol – The turnover of the market for collectible items, antiques and cultural values at the moment is more than $30 billion! But unfortunately, in connection with the application of outdated technologies of registration of the commodity Unit, documentary confirmation of a lot of purchase, payment, all operations on […]