Bitcoin Price Up

Bitcoin Price Up We are launching the bounty campaign for our ICO dedicated for everyone who wants to join our community and build the 1st blockchain Plaese support our project here

EndChain – Congratulations to all dear readers and visitors of my blog! To date, using the block-block allows you to simplify many everyday processes. What we commit every day and absolutely do not think about what process is going on. One such process is the delivery of goods. Project Endchain […]

SOAR – You probably noticed that in recent years the interest in crypto or as they are called drones has grown very much. Today many people already know about them. These devices are used for various purposes: for personal use as a toy for amateur filming, for military purposes-everything is […]

Laneaxis project was developed specifically to create a direct network from suppliers of goods to the carrier using intellectual contracts used in the unchanged register of the blockchain. This will provide significant savings, as shippers and carriers will be able to dispense with costly intermediaries such as freight brokers, third-party […]

BitStash Blockchain technology can be represented as a Prozrachnujuja digital book of transactions and records that cannot be changed or deleted. By offering opportunities and ways to ensure the increased security of information, reduce costs and commissions, speed and resilience to errors, blockchain has gained immense popularity by 2017, causing […]

SEND – Cryptocurrency has opened a new market, which reached 11.4 B USD in transactions daily and shows the value of decentralization and freedom to do the Exchange. However, price fluctuations caused by speculation has been one of the obstacles preventing the adoption of blockchain technology in General. Change the […]

PITCH is the Platform investors live and planned projection which is planned for a benchmark-based blockchain. Pitch also allows innovative entrepreneurs to immediately launch a token sales and sold some token through the offer directly to experienced business experts. The audience directly involved have the ability to participate actively by […]