Bitcoin Price Rn

Bitcoin Price Rn We are launching the bounty campaign for our ICO dedicated for everyone who wants to join our community and build the 1st blockchain Plaese support our project here

Saturn is a platform for direct, cross-chain trading of crypto assets. The decentralized protocol-a symbiosis of the comfort of a direct atomic alternative and the reliability of a third birthday guarantor. Legal and invulnerable transactions for crypto mark players. Our goal: To introduce a qualitatively new, liquid and invulnerable market […]

Iovo – Hello, world! Today I would like to tell you about such a project on blockchain as Iovo-Internet of value omliledger-Internet value of personal data (translation is not quite literal, but it reflects the essence). The Iovo project has a unique concept and plans to create the world’s first […]

Eternaltrusts – Dear friends, It’s time to tell about the final and fantastically implemented project bearing the name Eternaltrusts! Eternal trusts is a special organization that offers people the likelihood that therapeutic innovations can enhance their ability to increase human life and increases their personal acceptance, using innovations that are […]

Siglo provides a comprehensive solution for users with prepaid communications in the emerging market, eliminating obstacles that prevent them from participating in the digital economy, such as high cost. Siglo is a decentralized financial and digital platform for Blokchejnov-based integration that allows users to earn daily recharges while traveling, at […]

Share Internet Data or SID is a decentralized internet sharing ecosystem that enables Internet sharing between smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices that use the same SID system. Under their intelligent platform, SID provides sling, crowdsourcing, and Internet sharing to provide Internet access on a global scale. Users with smartphones […]

Listern – The Earn team is working on creating a new audio platform that will support songs, voice clips, audiobooks, podcasts and much more other. The Listern platform will use a blockchain to ensure a uniform distribution of revenue and rewards between viewers, publishers, and advertisers. This audio exchange platform […]