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Bitcoin Price Mobile We are launching the bounty campaign for our ICO dedicated for everyone who wants to join our community and build the 1st blockchain Plaese support our project here

Zypcoin-is a unique ICO, one of the few, for development of which does not require the development of additional functions and applications at the starting stage of the project. This significant difference is the main advantage of Zypcoin in other market offers. Zypcoin device systems allow minimizing the risks and […]

Sgame Pro  Platform is designed as the first mobile game system on the basis of cryptocurrency, which allows users to use a cryptographic token and earn real money at the same time playing video games. How to play the game Sgamepro, Crypto Mine for making money Basically, it is the first […]

CASHBAG Retail e-commerce sales will rise from $1.095 trillion in 2016 be $4.058 trillion in 2020, which generate 14.6% of total retail spending in that year. The user base of unique crypto wallet has evolved into more than 5.8 million unique users in the year 2017, not including purses that […]

“Mossland” mobile gaming is Augmented Reality (AR) based location based on real estate. Users can identify the real property nearby, acquisition and offer them in-game. Virtual property in the game can be traded and disbursed through the exchange of kriptocurrency, so that users will take the time and effort to […]

AVAILCOM – With the development of new technologies, in particular-blockchain, the old system of renting real estate, when the search for housing for rent was carried out on the ads placed in the newspapers, or simply pasted on a post, superseded by modern online services, which Seek to replace traditional […]

VANM – The virtual currency world has really changed the investment attitude in the early stages of the project. Recently, financing of developing projects is connected with the implementation of a number of processes and audits. But today, most start-ups are collecting a large number of investors, only by publishing […]